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I am not a fisher-person! I can pass up fish photos by the thousands. But your photos are stunning and the details of water and sheen cannot be overlooked! Congratulations, and I wish you EVERY SUCCESS in this new endeavor.

CQ -- Hamilton, MT

I took a second look at your business card this evening and realized how stunning the photo really is. I confess that I, for one, can imagine having a photo of a fish head on my wall after all. I guess I had better have a look at what you charge for these beauties. Nice work!

JR -- Redmond, WA

I just wanted to congratulate you on the beautiful FFP website. It's incredibly well done.

DM -- Grand Forks, ND

I just wanted to write you a short note to tell you how much enjoyment I am getting out of your photography. In all my years of looking at pictures of fish and outdoor photography, I have never seen anyone capture the moment as you have done in your portraits. I find myself going back to them almost daily,it almost makes me feel as though I am right there in the river. I must say I really enjoy your Landscape portraits almost as much as those actually containing fish. You have a real talent ,it allows many of us to experience your adventures through your camera lens. I look forward to new additions to your collection. Keep up the good work.

VI -- New Milford, CT