Update from Yellowstone (Part II)


2,041…  That’s the number of photos that I managed to take last weekend while fishing in Yellowstone National Park with Katie.  Man, selecting the final-cut pictures for this year’s Success Profiles calendar is going to be really tough.

The most exciting part of our weekend involved an encounter that occurred on Saturday AM as Katie and I went in 30 minutes before sunrise hoping to capture some unique shots of the sun rising over the boulder section of the Madison River.  Whereas we were not able to capture the event we were hoping for, something else happened that was far more unexpected.

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As I was setting up my camera outside of our Roadtrek Sprinter van, I paused to look back and realized that there was a heard of about 50 buffalo that was right behind the van (100 Ft.) walking down the middle of the road.  With the Madison river to our immediate right and a steep slope to our left, there was nowhere for us to go as the buffalo wanted to get on the other side of our RV.  I jumped back into the van and we waited (quietly) for all of them to pass.  I was really afraid that one of the gigantic bulls was going to ram our van and pierce it with its horn.  Fortunately, they passed quietly without incident as we sat motionless in the driver’s section and took lots of video and still pictures.  The largest bull was so big that as I looked out the driver’s side window, I was almost even with his eye level (three feet away).  He paused, looked up right at me and then just kept walking on.  Wow, we dodged a bullet that time.


Enjoy the photos and as the Fall campaign continues this weekend, I will send the next round.



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