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The Amazon – Part II

A second set of photos from the Amazon that features shots of Manaus, Sid the Sloth, a 12 Ft Anaconda in captivity, a 18 Ft anaconda crushing and eating a 5 Ft Caiman, an extremely rare sighting of a King Vulture, Hawk, River Otters, Arapaima, and various shots of Peacock Bass and Catfish.

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PS: If anyone is interested in making this trip next year, please let me know 🙂

Report from the Amazon

What an Adventure!!!

Fish of the trip at 18+ Lbs

Fish of the trip at 18+ Lbs

Riverside in Manaus

Riverside in Manaus

Katie, Tony Thompson and I started out in Manaus on New Year’s Eve to stage for our journey into the middle of the Amazon Jungle.  We had a day to tour the city and then travel via small boat to the confluence of the Rio Negro and Amazon Rivers.  The Rio Negro is tea colored and fairly clear while the Amazon is literally “chocolate milk” with the visibility of about 3 inches.  Manaus is the largest city in Brazil with a population of approximately two million residents.  It serves as the industrial center of the country with several large multi-national manufacturing companies and a large energy sector.

The view from camp

The view from camp

We then flew about 180 miles north Continue reading »

Charlie Conn’s First Portfolio Becomes Available

Please welcome Charlie Conn as the newest member of the Fly Fishing Portraits photography team. Whether landing the largest taimen of the season in Mongolia, diving into an Amazonian river to free a fish from a snag, or simply floating down the Yellowstone River, Charlie is one of the great, undiscovered personalities in the fishing business.

With a quick wit, and agile fishing mind, Charlie is a great teacher who makes every day on the water enjoyable. He has guided throughout the world and he is considered a leading expert in the knowledge of fly-fishing and eco-tourism.

Check out his recent trip in the Northern Amazon River Basin at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge.