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Update From Osa Eden #4

It has been a great past two weeks for Katie and I here on the Osa Peninsula just outside of Puerto Jimenez.  This is photo update #4.

We’ve been out fishing with Cory Craig (again), out on our boat and surf casting from the beach and have had success with a variety of new species (the official variety-species count is up to 32). The best fish was a Conger Eel that was not only impressive looking but one of the single best fish we’ve ever eaten.  We have also completed a variety of home improvement projects, the most labor intensive being painting the interior of the Grand Room.

Cycling on our mountain bikes every other day has allowed us to explore new areas within a 20 mile radius of our home.  Most impressive are some of the beaches and rivers that line the interior perimeter of the peninsula, all the way to the back of the Gulf.  Drone boy has been observed – flying around the beaches at low tide to capture some unique photos of the surf and the incredible “aqua marine” color of the water.

We’ve met several new neighbors (from the States and several from Canada) who have been extremely helpful in providing advice as to how to avoid the pitfalls that are ever present when navigating the Culture of a foreign country (just sayin).

We are about to journey back to the States “for a dose of Winter” (Katie tomorrow and me on January 6th).  Then it’s back again for several 4-6 week intervals until the end of May.  More photos to follow at the end of next week and have a safe and happy New Year’s celebration.


Osa Eden


Toucan Sam

Update from Costa Rica December 2018

It’s been a wonderful first two weeks for Katie and I here at our new Casa in Cananza Costa Rica.

We are settling into the house, adjusting to the tropical weather and experiencing the culture of the Osa Peninsula as our days are filled with exploring, Mt. bike cycling trips, hikes, inshore fishing and home improvement projects. Our day typically begins early (around 4:00 AM), having coffee on our outdoor patio listening to the rainforest come alive. The sequence is virtually the same every morning with the noise of the insects winding down from their evening serenade and the roosters announcing to the other creatures that the sun is about to rise over the Gulf.  This is followed by the deep grunts of the howler monkeys, the singing and fly-by activity of multiple birds and finally the colorful scarlet Macaws cruising above the tree tops and announcing their arrival with their amplified screeches.

The photography opportunities have been amazing with numerous encounters with two different species of Toucans, all 4 local monkeys, drone shots of the Gulf and close ups of our new neighbor (Mr. Giant Iguana – about 5 Ft. long).

The fishing with Cory Craig has been exceptional (as usual) and with our guests (the Bradley’s and the Larson’s from Bozeman).  We’ve managed to catch Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Snapper, Rooster fish, and a variety of Jacks.  The first day out on December 2nd was in fact the best off shore day that I’ve ever had with multiple monster Yellowfin tuna and dorado that were landed on bait, topwater poppers and flies.

I will forward a variety of photos in three separate e-mails.  The first (this one) with scenic shots, the second with the local animals and a third that features the fishing.

More to follow as the adventure is really just beginning.