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Unique Weather Pattern in Bozeman

On rare days during the winter months in Bozeman, we get a unique weather pattern that creates dense fog in the Gallatin Valley. It usually sets up to be just below the elevation of our […]

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Conclusion of the 2017 Fall Field Campaign in Yellowstone

The Fall Field Campaign finished up in Yellowstone with an abrupt overnight change from Fall to Winter.  The Snow came in heavy but it didn’t affect the fishing, just the fisherman as we started out […]

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Contrasting Seasons

Thought you would enjoy the contrasting colors of the “secret fishing spot” in early June (GREEN) and in late October (GOLDEN BROWN). Plan your trips… T.O.

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2017 Fall Field Campaign – Yellowstone Day 4

Another grand day out in Yellowstone as Katie and Sarah traveled down to join the party (the smiles are priceless).  Once again, the fish were on as we put over 20 fish into the net […]

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Yellowstone Day 03 – The Most Beautiful Trout

The most beautiful trout I’ve ever seen… What a day…  The weather was perfect AGAIN (sunny, a warm 48 degrees, no wind, no people – just elk, trout and gin clear water).  If it’s possible […]

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Update from Yellowstone

Great day again yesterday temps in the 50’s with sunny skies and no wind.  19 to the net still with more Bows than Browns (the opposite of last week). Another cobalt blue sky day ordered […]

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Creating “Fish Art” during the Fall Field Campaign

This week during the Fall Field Campaign in Yellowstone National Park fishing the headwaters of the Madison River, I had a chance to capture the best close up photos of migrating Rainbow and Brown Trout […]

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Bear Trap Canyon Expedition

It was a special day yesterday as Dan Larson and I had the unique opportunity to float through and fish the Bear Trap Canyon section of the Lower Madison River.  I also took “Drone Boy” […]

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Good Morning From Bozeman

While walking down to the new pond… I had the chance to shoot this panorama that in one photo captures the beautiful morning sunrise accented against the golden Autumn colors with a light dusting of […]

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Where The Deer And The Antelope Play

Just when you can’t imagine it getting any better, another nature experience redefines extraordinary. Last night produced another repeat “low crawl” sunset photo shoot of Annie the Antelope and during the process, Curious George the […]

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