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A 30 for 30 Day (Day 4 update from the Northwest Territories)

Report from the North.

It was another Top 10 day of fishing in the Northwest Territory yesterday as Katie and I landed over 50 Northern pike on a fly-out to Gardner lake.

Sunny, hot and calm again for a fourth day in a row.  In fact, I’ve never seen water so flat and calm (which supposedly is the norm for August)..

Northern Pike are the apex predators here, but it was Katie and I who were stalking them yesterday as we sight fished all day for at least 30 fish over 30 inches.  Katie had two fish of the day at 40 inches and I was able to land two at 43 and 44 on a fly.

Tom Klein from Bozeman, MT has created the finest fishing lodge we have ever visited.  The accommodations here are Scott lake are exceptional.  Large comfortable cabins with full baths.  Very professional guides, a full complement of staff and first class meals.  The camp also has three float planes docked at the shore to shuttle anglers to ten other remote lakes in the region.  The camp can accommodate 20 fisherman and there are no other people within 100 miles in any direction.

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This will become a regular fishing trip every year for us and I highly recommend it for a unique vacation experience.

The boat is waiting for our final 5th day of fishing.  Think we will try to set new PR’s today for both trout and pike.


Day 2 in the North Woods

Day two in the North Woods allowed Katie to have her best day of fishing ever.

We flew out to Sandy lake to hunt for big Pike and we truly had a day to remember.

We netted 25 Pike over 30 inches with Katie landing 6 trophies over 40 inches (the largest topping out at 46.75).

Katie with a 40 incher

She is the talk of the camp this morning as we prepare to head out for another day of big trout fishing on Scott lake.

Today’s focus is to get a Lake Trout over 40 inches.

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