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The Amazon – Part II

A second set of photos from the Amazon that features shots of Manaus, Sid the Sloth, a 12 Ft Anaconda in captivity, a 18 Ft anaconda crushing and eating a 5 Ft Caiman, an extremely rare sighting of a King Vulture, Hawk, River Otters, Arapaima, and various shots of Peacock Bass and Catfish.

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PS: If anyone is interested in making this trip next year, please let me know 🙂

Incredible Fish of the Amazon

Friends of FFP.

20150206-Amazon (2)These photos are from my friend Roger Chen who just returned from the Amazon.  Happiest I’ve ever seen him!

The diversity of species was exceptional with Peacock Bass, Wolf Fish, Payara, Piranha, and multiple Catfish.

The Payara (aka Vampire fish) tipped the scale at over 20 Lbs and the huge catfish was about 180 Lbs.

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More to follow over the next 60 days as Katie and I begin our Spring Campaign fishing expedition in GA (trout), FL (Redfish, Snook, Cobia, Wahoo, Permit and Bonefish), Puerto Rico (Tarpon and who knows what?) and Louisiana (Redfish and Black Drum) in late February and March.


Charlie Conn vs. the Vampire Fish (The Amazon Payara)

~Fly Fishing Portraits update.

A shout out to Charlie Conn who added two new unique species to the Fly Fishing Portraits inventory this month.

The Payara (also known as the “Vampire fish) and the Amazon Tiger Catfish.

The Payara (also known as the Vampire fish)

The Payara (also known as the Vampire fish)

We are now up to 34 species and could easily top 40 by the end of this year!

Scott Quinn and I have also created Continue reading »