Day Two In The Bayou

It was a fast and furious day in the Bayou with Captain Marty as we dodged multiple showers and thunderstorms.  All things considered, we had a great day before being driven off the water by lightning strikes just after noon.  We landed 7 fish between 10 and 30 Lbs. with the fish of the day being a monster Black Drum that actually chased down Billy’s Purple raider fly – TWICE before being hooked.

The Ambush Red

The Ambush Red

We caught multiple fish on every technique today (Fly, Jig, and Crab).  What we’ve been able to conclude thus far about the redfish in LA is that their behavior is radically different than those landed in Mosquito Lagoon.  The fish between 15 and 30 pounds here are as aggressive as fish 5 to 10 pounds in the FL Lagoon.  I actually had an 18 pound Redfish ambush my Jig from over 15 feet away, slamming the bait sideways on a full sprint.

The intense cloud cover today allowed for some unique photos as Billy and I were able to enhance the natural lighting contrast with my Nikon D 800 flash.

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More to follow tomorrow as we close out the 2015 Fall Field Campaign with a final day hunting Redzilla in brilliant sunshine.


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