A Few From Day 3 – Louisiana Marshes

A few shots from today.  Clear skies, virtually no wind, perfect sight fishing conditions all day and no other fisherman within miles.

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Redzilla took 55 minutes to land.  Instead of a spot on the tail, he had a big letter S.  Every once in a while, you catch a fish that is extraordinary.  Even though the Redfish was only 31.5 Lbs, it had heart and endurance like no other.  After running me up a narrow channel about 200 yards, it reversed course and went back out into the gulf for another ½ mile.  Marty kept track of the time as the battle exceeded 20 min, then 30, then 45, 50 and finally 55 minutes.  It was a war where neither of us was willing to give in.  Fortunately, Marty and I prevailed and gave the beast a sore lip and a lasting memory.

It was a great 3 days out and I can’t wait till November.


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