Brownzilla - The 18-LB Hen

Brownzilla – The 18-LB Hen

From 18 inch brown trout on the Madison River in Yellowstone to 18 pound monsters on Sandy Creek in Hamlin, NY.

It was a spectacular “Indian summer” afternoon today on Sandy Creek in Rochester (a record high 77 degrees, sunny and virtually no wind).  Whereas I only fished for about 2 hours, I was able to land 4 large fish that included a 10, 12, 13 and 18 pounder.   That’s right… an 18 pound hen that matched my previous PR.

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There are some very large bucks in the river right now and Carl is pretty sure that he saw one recently in the mid 20 Lb. range!  The largest male that I saw today was in the 17 to 18 pound range but our team has a good chance of finding a 20 LB male over the next 4 days.

The river really needs serious rain to recruit in more migratory fish and we may get some this weekend when the next cold front wave hits and drops the temps 30+ degrees.

More to follow as we have great weather forecast again for the next two days.


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