Charlie Conn vs. the Vampire Fish (The Amazon Payara)

~Fly Fishing Portraits update.

A shout out to Charlie Conn who added two new unique species to the Fly Fishing Portraits inventory this month.

The Payara (also known as the “Vampire fish) and the Amazon Tiger Catfish.

The Payara (also known as the Vampire fish)

The Payara (also known as the Vampire fish)

We are now up to 34 species and could easily top 40 by the end of this year!

Scott Quinn and I have also created a master gallery in the new Success Profiles office in Downtown Bozeman (see photo).

Amazon Tiger Catfish || Fly Fishing Portraits

Amazon Tiger Catfish

There will soon be over 40 high quality photos on display with a variety of framing options.

We are excited to unveil our new acrylic framing system that offers a stunning display of depth, color and texture to the large format prints.

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More to follow as we will have multiple gallery showings throughout the remainder of 2013.

Plan your trips,


Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC.

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