Conclusion of the 2017 Fall Field Campaign in Yellowstone

The Fall Field Campaign finished up in Yellowstone with an abrupt overnight change from Fall to Winter.  The Snow came in heavy but it didn’t affect the fishing, just the fisherman as we started out the day fishing in 16 degree temps, swirling wind and snow.  My body managed to stay warm (with 5 layers of high tech clothing) but my hands took a beating as the guides in the fly rods were constantly handicapped with ice.  Just try tying on a size 18 CDC Emerger with frozen digits.

The fish were nothing short of amazing this season with everyone consistently landing big Browns between 21 and 23 inches.  The close up “fish portraits” I was able to capture over the past three weeks are definitely some of my best ever (see attached from the last two days).

As I was leaving Wednesday evening, I encountered a massive buffalo heard migrating down the road which shut down traffic for about 15 minutes.  Many of the largest beasts passed within 3 feet of the Roadtrek and fortunately, none were pissed off enough to headbutt the vehicle with their horns.

The Fall Field Campaign continues next week with fishing on Little Sandy Creek in Hamlin NY.  Early reports are that the migratory Brown Tout have arrived and they are massive.  This could be my best chance to land the 20-pound male.  Jay Peck and I will be hunting and I will forward reports with pics of course.

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