Day 2 in the LA Marshes

Day 2 in the LA Marshes (4)

Meet Garzilla the 50 Lb. beast I got on a fly!

While sight fishing for big bull Reds, I managed to have an Epic battle with an Alligator Gar that was a first for the seasoned Cajun – Captain Marty.  As I was fighting this prehistoric beast, I asked Marty… How do we get this monster in the boat?  He says… “I have no idea, I’m making this up on the fly.  We’ve never landed one before that wasn’t shot – let alone on a fly.”

Day 2 in the LA MarshesAfter about 30 minutes and maybe a dozen attempts to get it alongside the boat, we ultimately secured a tail rope around the back end, managed to secure the business end of the fish in the net and hauled it into the boat. Once in the boat, Garzilla tried to break both of our legs before it settled down to allow us to remove the fly.

Miraculously, the fly was set perfectly in the corner of the mouth lodged deeply into solid bone.

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More to follow tomorrow.  Score for the day = 3 reds, 6 blacks and an Alligator Gar.



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