Final Day Fishing in Louisiana

20150327 - Final Day in LA (8)

20150327 - Final Day in LA (7)The sun came out brilliantly on our last day hunting Big Drum in the remote marshes of LA.  With the sun also came the opportunity to sight cast for the largest of the resident monsters.  Katie’s first big Black Drum on a fly was actually hooked in the early AM when we were socked in with thick cloud cover.  With the water being significantly off color, we were able to sight fish – not because we could see the fish cruising the bottom… we were able to spot them because the fishes upper back was actually out of the water!

Whereas big Redfish may run like a “Muscle car,” the Black are more like fighting a Tractor.  Katie’s fish was around 33 Lbs. and on an 8 Wt. rod, it provided an arm blaster workout.20150327 - Final Day in LA (3)

We also landed several big Reds in the 20 and 30+ Lb category as the day progressed on.  I must admit that the remote fly fishing for these magnificent fish (with no other fisherman within miles) is truly a special treat.

The best Red Drum fishing each year is between early October and mid-December.  The best Black Drum fishing  is typically  between Mid-February and the end of April.

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To connect with Captain Marty Authement and book him for this Fall, please call 985-688-4495.

The Spring Campaign moves to Upstate NY in mid-April to fish for Steelhead with Jay Peck.

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