Final Day Three in the Bayou

Final Day Three in the BayouThe final day of the 2015 Fall Field Campaign ended well with 6 impressive fish from the Bayou Marshes of LA.  We started out the day with 40 degree temps and 20 MPH winds which made the wind chill be in the high 20’s. We were each wearing 7 layers of clothing and we couldn’t help but notice that we were the only game fisherman in the entire Marsh.  Bunch of whimps!

The water was chocolate milk but that didn’t prevent us from hunting down the most impressive fish of the trip.  Billy landed a silver-bright Black Drum in the 30 Lb. class and the most impressive Redfish of the trip that was in the high 20’s.  The brilliant sunshine provided for a Cobalt blue sky – photography effect to contrast the intense colors of the fish.

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The 2016 Success Profiles Calendar will surely feature a few of these impressive fish.

Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful thanksgiving break.  Next trip: Katie and I go to the Amazon to hunt for Peacock Bass (and other exotic species) in Early January.


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