“THE FISH” of the Fall Field Campaign

What’s it like to catch THE FISH of the Fall Field campaign?

20131109 (2)
I wouldn’t know but ask Dan Larson.

After telling Dan for three years that he was missing out on catching Monster Brown trout, he took me up on the challenge.  I promised him that he could land a 15 pounder and how long did it take him???  How about 15 minutes!

After landing a magnificent 15 pound fish at my favorite “barn hole” on Sandy Creek, Dan said…  I guess I can go home early.

20131109 (5)

Never satisfied, after another 10 minutes to reflect he continued to hunt for “just one more fish” until he hooked and landed the most impressive fish of the Campaign – 17 pounder.  A spectacular male that had a massive head and deep pumpkin/burnt orange colors.

We continued to fish the remainder of the day through every type of weather that mother nature could dish out (sun, rain, snow wind and gloom), landing several more impressive fish over what seemed to be the longest day of the Fall season.

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We head out for two more days of declining weather to attempt to hunt for the elusive 20 pounder.

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  1. T. Racine November 14, 2013 at 7:14 am #

    Wow, looks like you guys found the mother lode. I’m guessing you were swinging large streamers? Nice fish!

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