Fishing Update May 20, 2012: Anaconda, MT

Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC - 2012 Rainbow TroutNormally, one would not think that the nation’s largest Superfund site would harbor any fish at all. Let alone monster trout. Yet, that is the case in Anaconda Montana located approximately 15 miles west of Butte.  The Anaconda Settling Ponds and Silver Bow Creek are part of the Warm Springs Wildlife Management Area, which is managed by the State of Montana. We have come to refer to “Warm Springs” as the gallery hatchery because of its abundant Brown and Rainbow trout that can exceed 10 Lbs.  From April 20th and 21st, Ron Burnside, Jim Squyres and I caught and released 175 fish and at least 30 of them were over 20 inches.  In the picture below, Jim is proudly displaying a 24+ inch rainbow that was unblemished.  While this is a terrific fishery (especially for novices), be prepared to fish with nymphs in the size 18 to 22 range and also expect best fish to hide in unexpected places (hunkered down in very fast water).  We hope you enjoy the portraits.  T.O.

Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC - Jim Squyres with Rainbow Trout

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  1. Joshua Wisniewski March 12, 2018 at 9:32 am #

    Hello i was just wondering where you guys fished in the wildlife managment area did you guys go up from the entrance or the highway 90 exit or go down the dirt road i have only been there a couple of times in the winter and caught big fish there but not qauntities of

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