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2016 Florida Marathon Campaign - Fly Fishing Portraits

I’ve attached the Florida Keys Fishing Write-Up as a PDF Document that includes 36 photos from the expedition last week.  I decided to capture the story in this format to entertain those who are interested in the both the overall fishing experience as well as with the photos.  Hopefully, the stories “bring the photos to life” and vice versa.

For those of you that have tried it, Fly Fishing in the Florida Keys can be extremely difficult.  It can be notoriously hot, humid, windy, cloudy and sometimes crowded.  But this trip was special because not only did we hit the bull’s eye on the weather, we also managed to connect on 10 different species of fish – many that I’ve never captured with close up pictures before.

Captain Kyle Clark and Billy Rotne planned and led the expedition that resulted in a truly memorable outing.  The highlight being an epic two plus hour battle with my largest Tarpon on a fly.

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I hope you enjoy the photos and the documentary.

Plan your trips for 2016.


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