Great Snook Day – 04/29/2015

For your entertainment.

20150429 - Great Snook Day (1)

Billy Rotne and I fishing with Captain George Gozdz today in Stuart, FL.  We hooked over 20 but landed 10 that were all great specimens (the two largest were about 15 Lbs.).


The interesting thing about hunting Snook here is that it is truly “Combat Fishing.”  Immediately after they ambush your bait, you pretty much have to pull back as hard as you can to keep them away from the structure.  The drag is completely tightened down and we are using 50 Lb. test line.

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Once clear of the structure, you have to keep the Snook from running, jumping, cartwheeling and tail walking.  When you get them under control, the challenge shifts to trying to grab them by the mouth, lift them into the boat and removing the hook (all while avoiding their gill-plate that is razor sharp and could slice your hand open).

We have one more day to fish tomorrow as we continue our quest for the 30+ pounder.

More to follow.


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