Conclusion to the 2017 Fall Field Campaign

Conclusion To The 2017 Fall Field Campaign

It was a very special trip for Ron Burnside, Trevor Covich and me joining Captain Marty Authement to hunt in the remote Louisiana Marshes as we closed out the Fall campaign for exceptional migratory fish. We had unseasonably warm weather (temps in the high 70’s) with light winds and no rain for all 4 days, which enabled us to sight fish for huge Redfish, Black Drum, Sea Trout and Sheep Head.

Conclusion To The 2017 Fall Field Campaign

Ron summed it up best when he commented on his first trip to fish in the bayou…

“I’ve never been anywhere else in the U.S. where I actually felt that I wasn’t.”

Conclusion To The 2017 Fall Field Campaign

Being able to fly fish all day for extraordinary game fish and never see another boat or angler is truly special. This is my 7th season fishing with Marty and I look forward to the Spring season when Katie and I can get out for our next trip. Not only is the fishing special but the local seafood cuisine is over the top.

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The photos this year include my first Droneboy shots that capture the isolation that one experiences in the marshes.

Enjoy and plan your trips.

Ho, Ho, Ho,


FYI: The Winter Filed Campaign kicks off for Katie and me on February 3rd with our next trip into the FL Everglades hunting Tarpon, Snook, and Bonefish.

PS: Marty Authement can be reached at [email protected]

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