Where The Deer And The Antelope Play

Just when you can’t imagine it getting any better, another nature experience redefines extraordinary.

20170707-Where The Deer And The Antelope Play (2)

Last night produced another repeat “low crawl” sunset photo shoot of Annie the Antelope and during the process, Curious George the adolescent Whitetail Buck showed up to join the party. I somehow managed to get even closer to Annie (about 25 Ft.) and captured some amazing shots with her silhouetted by the sunset.

20170707-Where The Deer And The Antelope Play (2)Just when she became uncomfortable with me invading her space, George showed up and he proceeded to allow me to get within 15 Ft. to take close-ups with my camera’s flash as he ate leaves off our Aspen trees. Katie suggested that we open a petting Zoo and charge admission for photo ops.

Finally, It’s unbelievable how much the two Prong horn fawns have grown in 3 weeks. They are now very feisty and strong – running around, jumping and playing with the discovery of their newfound leg strength.

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More to follow and – Plan your trips!


PS: Had to take a snake away from Earnie (the Cat) and I was, fortunately, able to release it unharmed. He wasn’t happy at all. He later had a Montana Standoff with George before sprinting to the Garage for cover.

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