2016 Fall Field Campaign in NY

2016-ffc-ny-6According to the local meteorologists, It was supposed to rain today (an 80% chance) but it ended up being 84 degrees, humid with virtually no wind.  Jay Peck and I didn’t see a drop of rain the entire day but we did see some impressive fish.


Within the first 40 minutes of fishing, we were treated to an outstanding 25 pound Chinook Salmon.  There are very few fish in in the river right now but before the end of the afternoon, I managed to hook and land a 30 pound monster.  This fish went ballistic when I hooked it, cartwheeling and running up and down the river multiple times before landing safely in our net.  The fish was a beautiful unmarked specimen and still very “fresh” as it just came in from Lake Ontario.

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One more day here in NY before the Campaign moves to the Madison River in Montana.



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