Friday on Little Sandy Creek (A Top 10?)

A little reflection…


Most of the people receiving my fishing posts via e-mail are people who I regularly fish with.  Some just like to fish occasionally (like my family members) or appreciate the beauty of the unique fish that we love to target.  Finally, there are some friends and business colleagues that don’t fish at all but love some of the wildlife or panoramic photos that I always include.  Regardless of what you like most with these photos, there is a lot that goes into trying to capture and prepare these shots before they journey into cyber space.  For those of you that have watched me work at this art, you know that It’s both physically challenging and emotionally rewarding.  For every hour of successful fishing in the field, there is almost an equal number of hours that go into the post-production computer work to edit and fine tune the final images.


Also, when you’re “hard-wired” as an achievement oriented person (like most of you are), you just don’t “go fishing” because there are always goals to strive for with everything. On some days it’s simply about being outdoors in incredibly remote and beautiful places.  On other days, it’s about just trying to just catch “any fish” or improving your skills as an angler.  On very rare days, it’s about attempting to catch the uncatchable fish.  Yesterday was one of THOSE days where hunting Brownzilla was the primary goal.


I wasn’t sure that we would top the fishing experience from Thursday of this week but somehow we did.  Actually, I would consider this to be a “top 10 Day” while fishing for trout (and since I’ve been fishing for trout for 55+ years- that’s a lot of days the river).  The final score was about 40 Brown Trout landed with about 20 at or over 8 pounds (the best included; 4 at 14 pounds, 3 at 15 Lbs., 3 at 16 Lbs., and the largest of the day being a 17.75 Lb. Hen).  Jay and I weighed the largest fish 3 times to see if it gained the ¼ pound to tip the scale at 18+ pounds – but not today.  🙂


For those of you that have fished for trout at any point in your life, you realize that a single trout in the 10-pound class is a fish of a lifetime.  To catch as many as we did yesterday over 10 pounds was truly remarkable.

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Sadly, there is only one more day left in the official Fall Field Campaign for 2016 but Jay and I believe that Brownzilla is in the River and we will do everything we can to try and find him and fool him into taking our fly.  Finally, as much as I want to hook and land this elusive beast, I also want his picture to share with all of you!

More to follow and I hope you enjoy the photos.


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