October 14th Fall Field Campaign

FFP update,

The Fall field campaign closed out the mid-October session in NY with some spectacular Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, Steelhead, and Brown trout.  Katie managed to land the fish of the campaign thus far with a 31” x 20” 14+ Lb. Brown trout that was probably the most impressive trout I’ve ever seen.

Katie with 14 Lb Brown trout

The male fish displayed amazing Fall spawning colors, a massive head/jaw and it didn’t have a mark on it.Katie's Brown trout

Katie and massive 30+ Lb chinookIn addition to that fish, Katie hooked and landed several Chinook Salmon that were between 25 and 30 pounds.  They truly tested her fitness as they ran up and down the river with incredible power and endurance.  One fish took her well into her backing and at least a quarter of a mile downstream before she and Jay Peck were able to land it.

The weather was unbelievably warm (sunny and in the 70’s) with virtually no wind for four consecutive days.

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The Campaign shifts to Bozeman Montana beginning on October 23rd as we hunt the migratory fish in the upper Madison river.

More to follow,


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