Operation Code Red – Update Three

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Captain Billy and I have been very busy over the last 15 days focusing on catching several Class 4, 5 and 6 Redfish for our research study.  In fact, we now have 43 fish that have been included in the data analysis.  It is very interesting to observe the incredibly small amount of variance in the length/girth/weight distribution across the different Classes of fish.  In other words…  Redfish are much more similar in size, shape and weight than different.

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The chart below illustrates a scatter diagram of the data where 43 fish representing approximately 1,015 Lbs of fish trends almost perfectly with a Length x Girth Formula Denominator trend line of 756.  In English, this means that a Redfish that is 40 inches in length, 22.75 inches in girth, weighting 27.15 lbs will have a denominator formula factor of 762.5.  Based upon the average of all the fish in the study with a denominator formula factor of 756.77 … there would be a variance of only 3.2 ounces between the calculated weight and the actual weight of the fish (an amount of less than 1% for a 27 pound fish).

With the addition of another 50+ fish, we will surely see a few anomalies where there will be a few more “skinny” fish and a few “fat” fish that will be considered outliers (see chart below).  However, the quality of the data thus far has exceeded our expectations and we are confident that we can create an accurate on-line calculator for the fishing community.

Keep in mind that Class 5 and 6 fish are the most difficult to catch and are considered a rare trophy for an angler.  We never considered that we would catch and measure so many large fish so early in the study.

All the credit goes to Captain Billy – with his incredible knowledge of Mosquito lagoon and it’s local inhabitants.

More to follow every few weeks,


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