Operation Code Red – Update Two

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Another spectacular day on Mosquito Lagoon in Titusville, FL.  Perfect weather with temps in the 70”s and not a breath of wind.  We also experienced a simultaneous sunrise and full moon set.

We have collected data on 22 fish thus far.  A surprising number of class 5 and 6 fish which are very difficult to catch..

Here is a chart that illustrates the data and Length x girth formula trend line.

We are observing a slightly different formula denominator for each of the 6 fish classifications.

Additional fish for a larger sample size should reduce the variance.




The combined data for actual weight compared to the weight calculated using the formula (Girth2 x Length)/759 is within 1%.


Best fish today was a 42.75” x 24.75” 33.0 Lb. monster.  My fourth largest Redfish to date.

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More to follow.


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  1. Damon Brown April 16, 2014 at 7:00 am #

    My namon is Damon. I fish for bull Reds quite often normally at Haulover Canal. Recently I became a member of a tagging program out of Louisiana. ” Tag Louisiana”. I couldn’t guess how many trophy size Reds I’ve caught ranging from 31-50″. I tag them, measure length but not girth, record GPS, date&time and conditions when released. If you can I’d like some more info on how I could be more helpful to your studies. Thanks, have a great day & good luck.

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