Report from Charlie Conn guiding at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge in the Northern Amazon River Basin

The Agua Boa is perhaps the finest fly fishing destination in the Amazon and the rivers offer a variety of fishing styles and species.  The primary angling in this fishery is the incredibly colorful Peacock Bass.  In the Agua Boa region, there are at least four different species of Peacock Bass.  Throughout the Amazon Basin itself there are an estimated 40 different varieties of Peacock Bass which shouldn’t be a surprise considering there are nearly 3500 species of fish in the entire Amazon Basin.

The name Peacock Bass itself is a misnomer used commonly in English language marketing to create an alluring mystique about them as a sport fish.  In fact the Peacock Bass are a Cichlid, cousin to the Oscar (a well know Aquarium fish).   The best known and largest Peacock Bass is the Acu or Temensis.  This fish is identified by its three large black bars which run vertically along the fish’s side.

The second is the Spotted Peacock or Paca.  This fish is in fact genetically the same as the Acu, however that was only recently verified and we still do classify them differently.  The Paca is the non-spawning form of the Acu and are most commonly caught in the two to ten pound range.

The last two species of Peacock Bass we catch in the Aqua Boa region are the Butterfly and the Azul or Towa.  These two fish are very similar in size (rarely exceeding ten pounds).  The Butterfly, the most commonly caught fish on the Agua boa, has three distinct dots on the side which anglers commonly refer to as “Chinese symbols.”  The Towa, only prevalent in the lower Agua Boa, has the facial markings of an Acu and dots like a butterfly.

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Charlie Conn

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