Year End Close In The Bayou

Year End Close In The Bayou (2)The final day hunting in the remote marshes of Louisiana produced some spectacular sight fishing for Red and Black Drum. With cobalt blues skies and tea colored water I managed to put 10 Reds and 7 Blacks between 15 and 34 Lbs. into Captain Marty’s net.  Several of the fish that were 40+ inches in length had extraordinary girth due to their “holiday season” gorging prior to the colder winter months.

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The elusive Redzilla was spotted and as we approached in stealth mode I placed a perfect 50 foot cast about 8 Ft. ahead of the fish.  Unfortunately, he just kept swimming and completely ignored my streamer.  Obviously the fish didn’t get this big by being easily duped by a white Zonker.

The first week of January, Katie and I are off to the Amazon jungle to target peacock bass and any other exotic species we can coax to a fly. Pictures to follow.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Ho, Ho, Ho.


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