You Cannot Make This Up!

OK, so I thought that there was something fishy about Katie’s new PR Redfish from yesterday (measured at 46” x 27”  and 44.4 Lbs).  Turns out that I actually caught the exact same fish 16 months ago approximately 1 mile from where Katie landed hers.  I have enclosed both pictures from the two Redfish encounters for your entertainment.  If you look at the close up patterns of the tail spots, identical body markings and scale colors, you will see that in fact… They are the same fish.

Tom's 46 x 27  44.4 Lb Redfish landed December 2013 Katie's 46  x 27   44.4 Lb Redfish landed March 2015

No wonder the measurements were exact. 🙂

This is the second time we have caught the same fish multiple times in the past 18 months.  Captain Billy says that he will begin naming them from now on.  Since he has taken pictures of virtually every large fish over the past 10 years, he probably has made friends with every big Redfish in the hood.

More to follow.


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