Our Specialty

There are lots of places for people to download photos of fish from the web or to print copies of the fish they’ve personally caught. What we do that is unique is specialize in “large format – high quality close up portrait prints” of unique Game Fish caught on a Fly.  All the fish are released (to hopefully be caught again) and all the photos are “angler neutral” (just the fish). Our best photos combine the intensity of the fish, their natural brilliant colors, the subtle variables of the water and unique background and textures of the environment. We want to prevent people from becoming “distracted by the angler” and we aim to have the fish portrait be so compelling that one barely notices how the fish is being held for the photo.

We have three core service offerings in our product portfolio.

Our Signature Series is the Large Format high quality prints that are numbered and signed.  They are ideal for framing and can be printed on high gloss paper, a matted/semi-gloss paper or as a fine detail canvas print.  The image resolution of these pictures is of the highest quality and ideal for prints up to 36” x 60” in size.  Click here for an example.

Our Screen-Saver Series consists of pre-selected or customized bundles of prints that can be displayed on computer monitors and/or HD flat panel displays.  The bundles are assembled in combinations of 12 portraits and they can be purchased individually, in combinations or as an annual subscription (with unlimited access). The image resolution of these pictures is ideal for High Definition panels and for hard copy prints that are up to 11” x 14” in size.  Click here for an example.

Our Specialty Series consists of unique produces that are printed with our portfolio portraits.  This consists of personalized note cards, calendars, coffee mugs, coasters, board prints, puzzles, T-shirts and even aprons.  These products are provided through our outsourced merchandise partner – Smug Mug. Click here for an example.

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