The Fish Rating Assessment

The pictures are cataloged and assigned an ID number for easy searching by species, location/region (including scenery shots) and our unique “fish porn” rating. The porn rating is determined by a panel of fishing experts I’ve assembled that evaluate each photo on a scale of 90 to 99 total points. We will not have any fish with a rating of less than 90 points. The criteria for the rating process is:

  1. The photo quality (the image itself) – up to 3 points.
  2. The setting of the photo (overall color, lighting and background) – up to 3 points.
  3. The fish (wow factor of the species) – up to 3 points.

The ID number is determined by species, year caught, location (State), fish rating and fish #.

For example: Fish ID = RT-11-MT-MR-99-012

This indentifies the portrait as a Rainbow Trout, caught in 2011, in Montana, on the Madison River, with a portrait fish porn (PFP) rating of 99 and a photo number of 012.

Each photo is numbered, signed and shipped in a protective tube to insure safe delivery. We’ve decided to not “be in the picture framing business” because of the total number of choices for framing, the additional labor and cost to ship and protect the glass during delivery. We do provide the matting dimensions, lighting suggestions and recommended framing instructions for people so that they can plan accordingly when they choose the size/dimensions of their pictures and consider the location for display.