The Pricing

Pricing Transparency and Philosophy:

All of the prices for the products are based upon a simple formula for fees that include a “professional component” (that covers the cost for the image itself) and the production cost & shipping/handling (the cost to produce and deliver the photos). The fish portraits are also priced based upon size and where/how the pictures are printed. Some of our smaller format pictures and other “semi customized” products (magnets, coffee mugs, stationary, note cards) are outsourced to for the benefit of high quality and the convenience of quick order turnaround. This also to allows us to keep an inventory of some products for immediate delivery. The larger format pictures (at or above the 14” x 20” sizes) are printed on our own premium architectural printer in our Bozeman Success Profiles offices. Unfortunately, we do not sell the images or send electronic files of the images for others to produce on their own.

Pricing List:

The price list for different print sizes is as follows (all print sizes are approximate to accommodate individual and/or unique photo cropping):

Signed Limited Edition Sizes* Price
~14″ x 20″ Semi-Gloss Finish           $49.95
~16” x 24” Semi-Gloss Finish           $79.95
~24″ x 36″ Semi-Gloss Finish           $99.95
Standard Sizes (SmugMug)**
 8″ x 10″ (Luster, Gloss, Matt, Metallic) $12.95 – $13.95
 8″ x 12″ (Luster, Gloss, Matt, Metallic) $15.95 – $16.95
 11″ x 14″ (Luster, Gloss, Matt, Metallic) $20.95 – $24.95
 12″ x 18″ (Luster, Gloss, Matt, Metallic) $30.95 – $33.95

*All Signed Limited Edition prices include shipping, handling and sales tax (none in MT).  Pictures are shipped US postal service, UPS ground or FedEx. For special shipping requests, please contact us with the details.
**All SmugMug orders will have shipping and handling charges added based on the quantity purchased and the distance from the fulfillment center.