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The Florida Marathon Campaign

For your entertainment… I’ve attached the Florida Keys Fishing Write-Up as a PDF Document that includes 36 photos from the expedition last week.  I decided to capture the story in this format to entertain those […]

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The Hunt For RedZilla (2016)

Although the fishing was challenging, the weather was stellar as James Jiloty, Lloyd Kaplan, Billy Rotne and I seemed to cover every inch of Mosquito Lagoon in our ongoing hunt for Redzilla (the monster 70 […]

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Great Snook Day – 04/29/2015

For your entertainment. Billy Rotne and I fishing with Captain George Gozdz today in Stuart, FL.  We hooked over 20 but landed 10 that were all great specimens (the two largest were about 15 Lbs.). […]

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A Few From Yesterday

It was a great 58th birthday today with Captain Billy and Ron Burnside. Ron and I each landed a 34 LB Redfish (Ron’s within the first 15 minutes of the day and mine on the […]

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You Cannot Make This Up!

OK, so I thought that there was something fishy about Katie’s new PR Redfish from yesterday (measured at 46” x 27”  and 44.4 Lbs).  Turns out that I actually caught the exact same fish 16 […]

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101 Pounds of Redfish – Oh My!!!!

It was truly a grand day out on Mosquito Lagoon today.  Captain Billy Rotne, James Jiloty and I went three for three with a 27, 30 and 34 Lb. Redfish.   A spectacular sunrise, perfect weather […]

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Operation Code Red – Update Three

For your entertainment. Captain Billy and I have been very busy over the last 15 days focusing on catching several Class 4, 5 and 6 Redfish for our research study.  In fact, we now have […]

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Operation Code Red – Update Two

For your entertainment. Another spectacular day on Mosquito Lagoon in Titusville, FL.  Perfect weather with temps in the 70”s and not a breath of wind.  We also experienced a simultaneous sunrise and full moon set. […]

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Operation Code Red – Update One

For your entertainment. Captain Billy has been busy over the last few days focusing on catching several Class 5 Redfish for our research study.  Keep in mind that Class 5 and 6 fish are the […]

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Redfish study to be conducted on Mosquito Lagoon – Operation “Code Red”

Being the measurement guy that I am, I’m not very happy that there has never been a scientifically based study to accurately determine the overall body weight of Redfish based upon an accepted length and […]

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