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2017 Fall Field Campaign – Brownzilla!!!

From the measurement and fishing guy…   What are the chances???

Yesterday we touched on record lows here in Rochester NY as the Fall Field Campaign continued.  The temperatures never got above freezing and the winds made the chill very biting (more so than the fish) but Jay Peck and I still managed to find an area to sight fish for some aggressive spawning trout. My fish of the day was a really colorful 15 pound male and Jay also netted a very plump hen in the 12 pound range.

Unlike fishing in Yellowstone National Park where the air temps can start out in the single digits, the water in the Madison River tends to be fairly warm compared to Little Sandy Creek in NY.  In the Park, the water is in the upper 40’s and low 50’s but here the water is in the mid to high 30’s.  This means that a fly fisherman spends a considerable amount of the day “chipping” the ice accumulation out of the guides along the fly rod. On the Madison River, a fisherman just needs to dip the rod in the water to remove the ice.  In NY, that only makes the condition worse.

More importantly, we stumbled upon Brownzilla (again) and managed to get some excellent close up portraits.  As we were concluding the day, we went to Jim Metcalf’s adult playground and just as we arrived his friend John was about to net a very large Hen.  Turns out, it was the same fish that Jay had visit his net 48 hours earlier a half mile downstream! 

So what are the odds that this epic outlier would be at Jim’s and caught just as Jay and I were arriving on the scene?  A million to one?  Two Million to one?  All I know is that the sun came out just in time for me to capture some terrific close up photos.  See attached.  Now it’s official that the largest Brown trout landed in this region happened in Jim’s back yard.  Very fitting.

What a privilege it was to see up close, touch and photograph this amazing animal. On the drive back to the shop, Jay and I were trying to estimate the fishes age and life’s journey in Lake Ontario.  It’s possible that there may be larger trout migrating out of the Lake to spawn but the chances of catching them on a fly is certainly remote.

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We are still hunting for the 20 pound male and we have a good chance of finding him over the weekend before the campaign sunsets.

Enjoy and more pictures of Brownzilla to follow.


Brownzilla has Landed!

Brownzilla the 24 Lb Beast

Brownzilla the 24 Lb Beast

It finally happened.  Brownzilla made it into Jay Peck’s net today and tipped the scale at just over 24 pounds!  A massive Hen that dwarfs the 15 pounder Male that I landed (see attached) but we now know where the big fish are staging and tomorrow, we will be on the hunt for the 20+ pound male that has been eyeing her.

Impressive 15 Pound Male

Impressive 15 Pound Male

The water was high and muddy (just the way we like it) and the weather is getting colder which means that a new wave of fish should be arriving later this week.

More photos to follow.


Yellowstone Day 03 – The Most Beautiful Trout

The most beautiful trout I’ve ever seen…

The most beautiful trout I’ve ever seen…

The most beautiful trout I’ve ever seen…

What a day…  The weather was perfect AGAIN (sunny, a warm 48 degrees, no wind, no people – just elk, trout and gin clear water).  If it’s possible to have the most gratifying and frustrating day fishing all in the same 8 hours, well that’s what today was.  I landed 21 spectacular fish (all over 18” and up to 7 pounds) but I missed at least 30   :-0  More than 10 fish broke me off and I saw about half of them as they went airborne and they were really big.  Mid-day I switched over to a slightly heavier 4 X leader to increase the tippet strength about a pound but it didn’t seem to help.  These fish are HOT!

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The spawning colors are the most vivid I’ve ever seen and the fish are by far the healthiest in the 17 years that we’ve been fishing the secret spot.  It will take me a week to process all the photos but here are a few that defined the grand day out.

Enjoy and plan your trips.


Friday on Little Sandy Creek (A Top 10?)

A little reflection…


Most of the people receiving my fishing posts via e-mail are people who I regularly fish with.  Some just like to fish occasionally (like my family members) or appreciate the beauty of the unique fish that we love to target.  Finally, there are some friends and business colleagues that don’t fish at all but love some of the wildlife or panoramic photos that I always include.  Regardless of what you like most with these photos, there is a lot that goes into trying to capture and prepare these shots before they journey into cyber space.  For those of you that have watched me work at this art, you know that It’s both physically challenging and emotionally rewarding.  For every hour of successful fishing in the field, there is almost an equal number of hours that go into the post-production computer work to edit and fine tune the final images.


Also, when you’re “hard-wired” as an achievement oriented person (like most of you are), you just don’t “go fishing” Continue reading »

A Special Day on Little Sandy Creek

If there is possibly a positive aspect of climate change, it could be that some species of fish get bigger (and better to catch) while some glide into extinction.  That could be the case in upstate NY with the migratory brown trout on Little Sandy Creek.

ffc2016-a-special-day-on-little-sandy-creek-11Jay Peck and I had another special and epic Continue reading »

2016 Fall Field Campaign moves East

From Jay Peck in NY today.  A 17+ Lb brown trout and two 15 pounders.
Brownzilla, here we come!