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The Amazon – Part II

A second set of photos from the Amazon that features shots of Manaus, Sid the Sloth, a 12 Ft Anaconda in captivity, a 18 Ft anaconda crushing and eating a 5 Ft Caiman, an extremely […]

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Report from the Amazon

What an Adventure!!! Katie, Tony Thompson and I started out in Manaus on New Year’s Eve to stage for our journey into the middle of the Amazon Jungle.  We had a day to tour the […]

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Incredible Fish of the Amazon

Friends of FFP. These photos are from my friend Roger Chen who just returned from the Amazon.  Happiest I’ve ever seen him! The diversity of species was exceptional with Peacock Bass, Wolf Fish, Payara, Piranha, […]

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Update from Florida

Another great day fishing in FL with Captain Billy Rotne. Redfish, Bluefish, Black fish, Catfish. Tomorrow = Tarpon, Snook, Gar, Bowfin and Bass (sounds like a Law firm). More to follow. T.O.

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Charlie Conn vs. the Vampire Fish (The Amazon Payara)

~Fly Fishing Portraits update. A shout out to Charlie Conn who added two new unique species to the Fly Fishing Portraits inventory this month. The Payara (also known as the “Vampire fish) and the Amazon […]

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