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New York – Day #4 – 2017 Fall Field Campaign

Another very cold Saturday here in Rochester NY (near historic record lows for the day) as we celebrated Family day at Jim Metcalf’s Lodge on Little Sandy Creek.  Many thanks to Jim and his family for all the work and cooking they do to make for a warm barbeque gathering in spite of the temps which didn’t get above freezing all day.  See photo of ice forming on the submerged log.

There were some special fish landed (for the birthday girl) as well as a few exceptional migratory fish.  I managed to land several nice Brown Trout but the fish of the day for me was a crimson/magenta colored Rainbow.  Jay managed to hook a monster fish that we initially thought was Brownzilla’s significant other but it turned out to be a relatively fresh Chinook Salmon in the 20-pound range.  When he set the hook, the fish created a massive boil on the water’s surface with its broom-like tail.  At that moment, I looked at Jay and the expression on his face was “Holy S_ _ T.”

I ran for the net and after a significant fight, we didn’t get a look at the fish until just before it swam into the net (just about knocking Hip Boy into the river).  The canine teeth on this fish were impressive and we made sure to stay away from the business end of this late migratory beast.  For some reason, it was trying to bite me the entire time I was taking close up portraits.  The word on the river (amongst all species) must be out that I’m here so get even if you have the opportunity.

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Another day today hunting for the elusive monster brown.  The good news is that we will be above freezing all day.


2016 Fall Field Campaign in NY

2016-ffc-ny-6According to the local meteorologists, It was supposed to rain today (an 80% chance) but it ended up being 84 degrees, humid with virtually no wind.  Jay Peck and I didn’t see a drop of rain the entire day but we did see some impressive fish.


Within the first 40 minutes of fishing, we were treated to an outstanding 25 pound Chinook Salmon.  There are very few fish in in the river right now but before the end of the afternoon, I managed to hook and land a 30 pound monster.  This fish went ballistic when I hooked it, cartwheeling and running up and down the river multiple times before landing safely in our net.  The fish was a beautiful unmarked specimen and still very “fresh” as it just came in from Lake Ontario.

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One more day here in NY before the Campaign moves to the Madison River in Montana.



October 14th Fall Field Campaign

FFP update,

The Fall field campaign closed out the mid-October session in NY with some spectacular Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, Steelhead, and Brown trout.  Katie managed to land the fish of the campaign thus far with a 31” x 20” 14+ Lb. Brown trout that was probably the most impressive trout I’ve ever seen.

Katie with 14 Lb Brown trout

The male fish displayed amazing Fall spawning colors, a massive head/jaw and it didn’t have a mark on it.Katie's Brown trout

Katie and massive 30+ Lb chinookIn addition to that fish, Katie hooked and landed several Chinook Salmon that were between 25 and 30 pounds.  They truly tested her fitness as they ran up and down the river with incredible power and endurance.  One fish took her well into her backing and at least a quarter of a mile downstream before she and Jay Peck were able to land it. Continue reading »

New York Steelhead – Day 2

Another great day in upstate NY.  Multiple Chinook and an impressive steelhead.

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Hope to have more tomorrow!


Fall Field Campaign Update

What’s it like to catch the fish of the day, fish of the trip and new PR?

I wouldn’t know – you would have to ask Katie.  Once again, she out-fished everyone on the river with a spectacular 14 Lb. Brown trout.

Great day in NY catching multiple steelhead, Chinook Salmon and trout with brilliant sunshine and 70 degree weather.

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More to follow as the quest continues.


PS:  Jay Peck said that Katie’s brown trout was the largest or second largest he has seen on that river. 

Some Additional Shots for Your Entertainment

There is no question that the photography is getting better with each outing.

Attached are a few shots that capture the Salmon Experience that Rod and I had last week.

Should get even better shots with Katie this week.



2013 Fall Field Campaign

The Fall Field Campaign kicked off with three great days of Chinook Salmon fishing with Jay Peck on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY on September 7-9.

Tom Olivo with 30 Lb Chinook Pulaski NY September 2013 - 8 (1024x622)

Jay Peck with 30 Lb Chinook Salmon September 2013 (1024x669)Day one provided the usual excitement with the first 4 fish slamming the fly and breaking off as they charged up river at full speed. The first fish that I actually hooked on my second cast could have pushed the 40 pound mark and was the largest Salmon by far over the three days of fishing.  It was incredibly bright chrome, powerful and fat.  I then changed from 12 Lb. tippet to 15 and proceeded to land 6 fish in the 28 to 31 pound range.  Jay and I estimate that the fish are running about 5 pounds larger than last year averaging about 28 pounds. Continue reading »