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October 14th Fall Field Campaign

FFP update,

The Fall field campaign closed out the mid-October session in NY with some spectacular Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, Steelhead, and Brown trout.  Katie managed to land the fish of the campaign thus far with a 31” x 20” 14+ Lb. Brown trout that was probably the most impressive trout I’ve ever seen.

Katie with 14 Lb Brown trout

The male fish displayed amazing Fall spawning colors, a massive head/jaw and it didn’t have a mark on it.Katie's Brown trout

Katie and massive 30+ Lb chinookIn addition to that fish, Katie hooked and landed several Chinook Salmon that were between 25 and 30 pounds.  They truly tested her fitness as they ran up and down the river with incredible power and endurance.  One fish took her well into her backing and at least a quarter of a mile downstream before she and Jay Peck were able to land it. Continue reading »

Some Additional Shots for Your Entertainment

There is no question that the photography is getting better with each outing.

Attached are a few shots that capture the Salmon Experience that Rod and I had last week.

Should get even better shots with Katie this week.



Tom Olivo Featured in Lake Ontario Outdoors

The fall field campaign has started, and with it, TO is featured on the Lake Ontario Outdoors Fall 2013 Issue.

Tom Featured on Cover of Lake Ontario Outdoors

Tom Featured on Cover of Lake Ontario Outdoors

Final note:  I made my first major fishing magazine cover with the Fall edition of Lake Ontario Outdoors.  The picture was of “Frankenfish,” the Coho/Chinook hybrid that was 34 pounds (picture by Jay Peck).

2013 Lake Ontario Outdoors

Frankenfish – Coho Replica

Well, “Frankenfish” has arrived in Bozeman and it looks spectacular.


Probably Luke Filmer’s finest work.  At 42.75” x 24” and 34 Lbs., it has Continue reading »

Fish of a lifetime – The Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Outdoors

Tom is featured in The Bozeman Daily Chronicle Article: Fish of a lifetime – The Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Outdoors.

Record Coho 34-Lbs

Potential World Record Coho

Battling the Unknown Fish – Salmon River, Pulaski, NY

Battling the Unknown Fish:

Battling the Unknown Fish: Record Coho 30Lbs

It was about 4:00 PM on day two and the clock was ticking down on my chances to catch a large Coho.  I was tired and sore from hooking, fighting, chasing and landing maybe 36 Kings over the two days.  The “take” was amazingly subtle, almost like the tap of a small trout.  The subsequent head shake after the reflex hook set was incredibly violent.  A side to side shake with mouth fully open and slicing through the surface of the water.  There was nothing unusual about what immediately happened next as the fish did three laps around the pool before hunkering down in the current.  This was a common behavior of the largest fish of the trip.  They gain an apparent advantage burrowing their heads low, closer to the bottom.  The result was that I couldn’t move the fish, it just sat there.  I tried to tire the fish by moving slightly up river and down, side to side putting increasing side pressure on the fish but it wouldn’t move.  I began to Increase the tension more and more but the fish just kept circling the pool and settling once more in the current.  I then waded a little deeper into the current to change the angle of the line as I increased pressure and lifted upward (I found that this technique worked on the other largest fish to lift their heads up off the bottom and receive an assist from the current).

This approach appeared to be working as the fish took another lap around the pool but this time much faster and closer to the surface.  Unfortunately, it hunkered down for about the 6th time which caused me to get really frustrated.  I then increased the side pressure stressing the 15 pound tippet to the max.  At this point, neither Jay nor I had really seen much of the fish yet – other than the initial head shake that indicated that it was a very large fish – most likely another King we though.

Then, unexpectedly, another large King ran aggressively up river next to mine, spooked the fish and it leaped multiple times out of the water and cartwheeled.  As it summersaulted through the air, Jay and I were maybe 25 Ft. away and we were stunned.  This fish was obviously not a king, it looked completely white!  My instinctive response was to look to Jay and say, “did you see that – what the hell is it?”  I thought it was a Steelhead but then realized it couldn’t be because of its enormous size.  Then I began to process that it could be a Coho, especially because of how it proceeded to leap two more times.

For the complete story of the fight to land this fish, Click Here.


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