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2017 Fall Field Campaign – Yellowstone Day 4

Another grand day out in Yellowstone as Katie and Sarah traveled down to join the party (the smiles are priceless).  Once again, the fish were on as we put over 20 fish into the net but a few of them had the rare-intense spawning colors that made them truly stand out.  For the 4th straight day with the sun out and clear skies, we were able to sight fish all day trying to coax the largest fish to take our fly.

These were definitely some of the most impressive fish caught during the Fall Field Campaign.  Three more days this week to close out the season in the Park.  Still hunting for Mr. Brownzilla and will provide an update at the end of this week if he makes it into my net.

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Enjoy the photos and plan your trips.



Update from Yellowstone (Part II)


2,041…  That’s the number of photos that I managed to take last weekend while fishing in Yellowstone National Park with Katie.  Man, selecting the final-cut pictures for this year’s Success Profiles calendar is going to be really tough.

The most exciting part of our weekend involved an encounter that Continue reading »

Campaign Update from Yellowstone

No, not that campaign…  The Fall Field Campaign!

_dsc6523-1280x695It’s officially been 350 days since Katie and I were last fishing for migratory Rainbow and Brown Trout in our “secret spot” in Yellowstone.  It’s really hard to have that kind of air bubble in the calendar but man, was yesterday worth the wait.  The weather was setting up to be bad, really bad (high winds, snow and rain) but mother nature gave us a 12 hour window that was nearly perfect – well, perfect for fishing that is.  We started out with overcast skies, a low ceiling of fog, spitting rain, 35 degrees, and absolutely no wind.  That might not sound like a sunny day on the beach but it is actually ideal for catching really big trout.  By the time we left, the temperature had gradually risen to 47 and the dark weather conditions held steady from 9:30 AM till 5:30 PM.

We put over 20 fish into the net but probably hooked 60.  We fooled them with every fly pattern in our box (Streamers, CDC Betas Emergers, Egg patterns, soft hackle wet flies etc.).  The water level is higher than we’ve seen in many years but that’s because of the increased rainfall as of late.  This is really good news for the migratory fish and they are very big, healthy and strong.  The first 4 fish that I hooked were 20” and I managed to land three (a hook to land percentage that would gradually plummet during the course of the day).  In the back of my mind, I could hear Dan Larson’s voice screaming for most of the day as I lost several great fish… “AAAAUUGGGGGAAUU!” Continue reading »

2016 FFC Update from Montana


What do you do when you’re out fishing on one of the most beautiful rivers in the world and the fish have “lockjaw?”  I guess that you take lots of panoramic pictures of the scenery.

For those of you who like the fish portraits that I capture but like the scenery more, this Fall Field Campaign update is for you.  I guess Continue reading »

The Amazon – Part II

A second set of photos from the Amazon that features shots of Manaus, Sid the Sloth, a 12 Ft Anaconda in captivity, a 18 Ft anaconda crushing and eating a 5 Ft Caiman, an extremely rare sighting of a King Vulture, Hawk, River Otters, Arapaima, and various shots of Peacock Bass and Catfish.

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PS: If anyone is interested in making this trip next year, please let me know 🙂

Report from the Amazon

What an Adventure!!!

Fish of the trip at 18+ Lbs

Fish of the trip at 18+ Lbs

Riverside in Manaus

Riverside in Manaus

Katie, Tony Thompson and I started out in Manaus on New Year’s Eve to stage for our journey into the middle of the Amazon Jungle.  We had a day to tour the city and then travel via small boat to the confluence of the Rio Negro and Amazon Rivers.  The Rio Negro is tea colored and fairly clear while the Amazon is literally “chocolate milk” with the visibility of about 3 inches.  Manaus is the largest city in Brazil with a population of approximately two million residents.  It serves as the industrial center of the country with several large multi-national manufacturing companies and a large energy sector.

The view from camp

The view from camp

We then flew about 180 miles north Continue reading »

A Few More Shots From Yellowstone National Park Last Week

Finally getting around to working of a few pictures from last week’s Fall Field Campaign in Yellowstone.

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Katie as the true the Packer fan.  Burnside on the run from Tonka.  The sh*t show parade (video buffalo while driving).  Mr. Two heat. And, a few close ups.

More to follow as we return to find the really big browns this week.


Special Days in Yellowstone National Park

I’m not sure it can get much better than this…

Katie Olivo - Sunrise in the Rain

Katie Olivo – Sunrise in the Rain

Tony Thompson - With Monster Brown Trout

Tony Thompson – With Monster Brown Trout

We have now hit year 16 for our consecutive annual fishing trips into Yellowstone NP hunting the migratory spawning trout in the Madison River.

What was unanticipated was not the spectacular fish (they are always there) but this year, the “Abby-Normal” weather.  We just had three record high temperature days with the mercury climbing into the 70’s with no wind and cobalt blue skies.  Continue reading »

Final Day Fishing in Louisiana

20150327 - Final Day in LA (8)

20150327 - Final Day in LA (7)The sun came out brilliantly on our last day hunting Big Drum in the remote marshes of LA.  With the sun also came the opportunity to sight cast for the largest of the resident monsters.  Katie’s first big Black Drum on a fly was actually hooked in the early AM when we were socked in with thick cloud cover.  With the water being significantly off color, we were able to sight fish – not because we could see the fish cruising the bottom… we were able to spot them because the fishes upper back was actually out of the water!

Whereas big Redfish may run like a “Muscle car,” the Black are more like fighting a Tractor.  Katie’s fish was around 33 Lbs. and on an 8 Wt. rod, it provided an arm blaster workout.20150327 - Final Day in LA (3)

We also landed several big Reds in the 20 and 30+ Lb category as the day progressed on.  I must admit that the remote fly fishing for these magnificent fish (with no other fisherman within miles) is truly a special treat. Continue reading »

A Drum Fest

It was a Cajun day deep in the Louisiana Marsh with Captain Marty as we hunted monster Redfish and Black Drum.

20150323 - A Drum Fest (2) - Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC


We finally figured out the pattern late in the afternoon and located several large fish in a deep channel off the point of a shallow Bar.


We were surprised to catch so many big Redfish at this time of year (all over 25 Lbs.).  Katie and I landed 6 excellent drum each with Katie’s largest three being 38, 37 and 31 pounds.20150323 - A Drum Fest (6) - Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC


We have one more day tomorrow to hunt for the elusive 50 pounder.


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More to follow.




PS  Plan your trips!