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Fall Field Campaign Update

Marsh Panorama

Is it possible to visit a “Third World Country” and fish without leaving the Lower 48?  Yes, and it’s called LOU EEZ EE ANNA.

What a great trip!  Katie and I had wonderful accommodations, great meals and entertainment staying in downtown New Orleans at the Courtyard Marriott (St, Charles and Canal St) in the heart of the “combat zone.”  We were guided for Continue reading »

A Few From Day 3 – Louisiana Marshes

A few shots from today.  Clear skies, virtually no wind, perfect sight fishing conditions all day and no other fisherman within miles.

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Redzilla took 55 minutes to land.  Instead of a spot on the tail, he had a big letter S.  Every once in a while, you catch a fish that is extraordinary.  Even though the Redfish was only 31.5 Lbs, it had heart and endurance like no other.  After running me up a narrow channel about 200 yards, Continue reading »

Day 2 in the LA Marshes

Day 2 in the LA Marshes (4)

Meet Garzilla the 50 Lb. beast I got on a fly!

While sight fishing for big bull Reds, I managed to have an Epic battle with an Alligator Gar that was a first for the seasoned Cajun – Captain Marty.  As I was fighting this prehistoric beast, I asked Marty… How do we get this monster in the boat?  He says… “I have no idea, I’m making this up on the fly.  We’ve never landed one before that wasn’t shot – let alone on a fly.”

Day 2 in the LA MarshesAfter about 30 minutes and maybe a dozen attempts to get it alongside the boat, we ultimately secured a tail rope around the back end, managed to secure the business end of the fish in the net and hauled it into the boat. Once in the boat, Continue reading »

Final Day Fishing in Louisiana

20150327 - Final Day in LA (8)

20150327 - Final Day in LA (7)The sun came out brilliantly on our last day hunting Big Drum in the remote marshes of LA.  With the sun also came the opportunity to sight cast for the largest of the resident monsters.  Katie’s first big Black Drum on a fly was actually hooked in the early AM when we were socked in with thick cloud cover.  With the water being significantly off color, we were able to sight fish – not because we could see the fish cruising the bottom… we were able to spot them because the fishes upper back was actually out of the water!

Whereas big Redfish may run like a “Muscle car,” the Black are more like fighting a Tractor.  Katie’s fish was around 33 Lbs. and on an 8 Wt. rod, it provided an arm blaster workout.20150327 - Final Day in LA (3)

We also landed several big Reds in the 20 and 30+ Lb category as the day progressed on.  I must admit that the remote fly fishing for these magnificent fish (with no other fisherman within miles) is truly a special treat. Continue reading »

A Drum Fest

It was a Cajun day deep in the Louisiana Marsh with Captain Marty as we hunted monster Redfish and Black Drum.

20150323 - A Drum Fest (2) - Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC


We finally figured out the pattern late in the afternoon and located several large fish in a deep channel off the point of a shallow Bar.


We were surprised to catch so many big Redfish at this time of year (all over 25 Lbs.).  Katie and I landed 6 excellent drum each with Katie’s largest three being 38, 37 and 31 pounds.20150323 - A Drum Fest (6) - Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC


We have one more day tomorrow to hunt for the elusive 50 pounder.


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More to follow.




PS  Plan your trips!