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Where The Deer And The Antelope Play

Just when you can’t imagine it getting any better, another nature experience redefines extraordinary.

20170707-Where The Deer And The Antelope Play (2)

Last night produced another repeat “low crawl” sunset photo shoot of Annie the Antelope and during the process, Curious George the adolescent Whitetail Buck showed up to join the party. I somehow managed to get even closer to Annie (about 25 Ft.) and captured some amazing shots with her silhouetted by the sunset.

20170707-Where The Deer And The Antelope Play (2)Just when she became uncomfortable with me invading her space, George showed up and he proceeded to allow me to get within 15 Ft. to take close-ups with my camera’s flash as he ate leaves off our Aspen trees. Katie suggested that we open a petting Zoo and charge admission for photo ops.

Finally, It’s unbelievable how much the two Prong horn fawns have grown in 3 weeks. They are now very feisty and strong – running around, jumping and playing with the discovery of their newfound leg strength.

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More to follow and – Plan your trips!


PS: Had to take a snake away from Earnie (the Cat) and I was, fortunately, able to release it unharmed. He wasn’t happy at all. He later had a Montana Standoff with George before sprinting to the Garage for cover.

More From Montana – 20170705

Did the “low crawl” sneak on Annie the Antelope this evening around sunset and got within 30 Ft. (Zombro would be proud). Not sure how much longer the Prong horn family (speed goats) will be in the hood but we just learned that they are actually the second fastest animal on the planet (second only to the Cheetah) with a top sprinting speed over 60 MPH.

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Some additional entertaining shots from yesterday. Earnie playing dead, Momma and the kids out for a hike and the Bozeman Nebula (fireworks display from our deck).

More to follow and – Plan your trips!


More MT Moments For The Holiday – 20170703

A little MT nature photography to make your July 4th holiday.

Now it’s Cindy (Sarah’s horse) that has negotiated a deal with Annie the Antelope and they are now sharing the round pen.

This morning I was able to get within 50 Ft. of her for the best close up shots thus far.

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We are now about to experience this thing called SUMMER in MT as our weather locks into a high pressure system for the next two weeks. The forecast is for Cobalt blue Sunny skies with Temps in the 90’s and humidity between 15 and 30%.

I also managed to get a few sunset shots that were unusual. One panoramic shot caught a lightning bolt and one displayed “blood” raining down from the skies.

More to follow and – Plan your trips!


Your MT moment for the week of 6/28

A little MT nature photography to make your week (cut me some slack as I can’t fish with my Hip damage, so I have to shoot something).

Evidently, Eddie has negotiated a deal with Momma Antelope and they are now co-habituating as close as 50 Ft. to our house.  This would never happen with a Whitetail or Mule deer and it’s interesting to observe. Continue reading »

Montana Moment for 6/18

A little MT nature photography to make your weekend.

It has been a great Scenic Nature week here in Bozeman that began Tuesday PM with an incredible cold-front storm that moved through the valley.  We also had many more sightings of Momma Antelope with her baby fawn and several Elk just below our home.

Wednesday was the annual fishing day at Hyalite Reservoir for Blair Karasin, Jim Squyres and me to catch Yellowstone Cutthroat trout, Arctic Grayling and Brookies (which are the best eating species of trout).


Finally, our “stone-cold-killer” cat Earnie brought me a Father’s day present to make my weekend.

FFP update from Montana… (20170529)

It was a spectacular day in Yellowstone yesterday for Larry, Dan and I as we explored both the Firehole and Upper Madison Rivers in the Park.

Whereas the fishing was “short” so to speak (lots of small fish), some of the scenic and wildlife shots were spectacular.  Especially of Momma Moose with two new additions and Mr. Keep Back or I will Trample you – Tonka. The park was also extraordinarily crowded for late May (see tourist shot with women doing a “selfie” at the Mud pits). Continue reading »

FFP update from Montana

Friends of FFP,

Charlie Conn, Rod Mergardt and I had some exceptional early summer fishing this weekend in MT.

Declining runoff, good weather and large dry fly action produced Continue reading »