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Conclusion of the Fall Field Campaign in New York

It was cloudy, drizzly and cold again today (a great day if you’re a duck) but it created the ideal conditions for some great fishing to close out the Fall Field Campaign in Hamlin NY.

There was a diversity of fish species and PR’s all the way around for Erick Miller, Bill Watson and me as we kept Jay Peck and Carl Coleman busy all day putting extraordinary fish into the net.  The most memorable fish of the day included a 23 pound Hen, an 18-pound buck, and a crimson colored steelhead.

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More pictures to follow as I process all the shots.





Monster Chinook – September 2017

Jay Peck - Monster Chinook - FFPCongrats to Jay Peck and his client who just landed the largest King Salmon ever to visit his net.  At 45 Lbs it is also one of the largest ever landed on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY.  The beast ran-them around the meadow pool for over 20 minutes.

Conclusion of the 2016 Fall Field Campaign

A day of recovery and travel as we close out the Fall Field Campaign for 2016.

2016ffc-conclusion-8It’s only fitting that during the last hour on the last day of the Fall Season that Jay Peck and I managed to find the elusive Brownzilla (the Monster Brown Trout from Little Sandy Creek).  The only problem was that we were a few days late because Brownzilla had deposited her Eggs during spawning and was subsequently about 2 to 3 pounds lighter.  Still, she weighed in at 18 pounds and topped the list of the most impressive fish of the trip.  The fish would have exceeded 20 Lbs. easily last week but it gives me motivation to wait another 360 days to get even and hunt for her big brother in November of 2017.

2016ffc-conclusion-7The tale of the tape for the largest double-digit fish of the day included 1 fish at Continue reading »

Friday on Little Sandy Creek (A Top 10?)

A little reflection…


Most of the people receiving my fishing posts via e-mail are people who I regularly fish with.  Some just like to fish occasionally (like my family members) or appreciate the beauty of the unique fish that we love to target.  Finally, there are some friends and business colleagues that don’t fish at all but love some of the wildlife or panoramic photos that I always include.  Regardless of what you like most with these photos, there is a lot that goes into trying to capture and prepare these shots before they journey into cyber space.  For those of you that have watched me work at this art, you know that It’s both physically challenging and emotionally rewarding.  For every hour of successful fishing in the field, there is almost an equal number of hours that go into the post-production computer work to edit and fine tune the final images.


Also, when you’re “hard-wired” as an achievement oriented person (like most of you are), you just don’t “go fishing” Continue reading »

A Special Day on Little Sandy Creek

If there is possibly a positive aspect of climate change, it could be that some species of fish get bigger (and better to catch) while some glide into extinction.  That could be the case in upstate NY with the migratory brown trout on Little Sandy Creek.

ffc2016-a-special-day-on-little-sandy-creek-11Jay Peck and I had another special and epic Continue reading »

2016 Fall Field Campaign moves East

From Jay Peck in NY today.  A 17+ Lb brown trout and two 15 pounders.
Brownzilla, here we come!

2016 Fall Field Campaign in NY

2016-ffc-ny-6According to the local meteorologists, It was supposed to rain today (an 80% chance) but it ended up being 84 degrees, humid with virtually no wind.  Jay Peck and I didn’t see a drop of rain the entire day but we did see some impressive fish.


Within the first 40 minutes of fishing, we were treated to an outstanding 25 pound Chinook Salmon.  There are very few fish in in the river right now but before the end of the afternoon, I managed to hook and land a 30 pound monster.  This fish went ballistic when I hooked it, cartwheeling and running up and down the river multiple times before landing safely in our net.  The fish was a beautiful unmarked specimen and still very “fresh” as it just came in from Lake Ontario.

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One more day here in NY before the Campaign moves to the Madison River in Montana.



Last Day In New York

The Fall Field Campaign wrapped up operations in Hamlin NY this weekend with another outstanding day on Jim’s backyard playground.

The weather cooperated far better than expected on this trip but the region could really use some serious rain to pull in another big pod of fish.

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I still have some processing to do over the next few days but the overall portfolio of fish portraits now includes a whole new inventory of great close up shots of really big Brown Trout (up to 18 Lbs.).

Billy Rotne and I will be off to LA in two weeks to hunt for Redzilla with Captain Marty.


Day 8 of the Campaign

It was another epic day in NY catching monster Brown trout.  The water temp was 36 and the ambient temp only hit a high of 38 but that didn’t faze Lee Lindquist, Jay Peck and I as we fished all day to land some amazing migratory fish.

More to follow tomorrow with increasing temps and hopefully more new incoming fish.




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Gender Contrasts

Today was a “slower” day for the Fall Field Campaign.  Dan and I landed some fine 12 Lb. fish but the unstable weather shut down the afternoon session.

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The photos from today illustrate the incredible contrast between Male and Female Brown trout that migrate out of lake Ontario.  The males are a deep burnt orange/pumpkin color with massive heads and lower jaws while the females support a golden yellow/spotted black glow with small heads and amazing “mid-section” girth (see shots).

More to follow tomorrow as we search for steelhead.