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Year End Close In The Bayou

Year End Close In The Bayou (2)The final day hunting in the remote marshes of Louisiana produced some spectacular sight fishing for Red and Black Drum. With cobalt blues skies and tea colored water I managed to put 10 Reds and 7 Blacks between 15 and 34 Lbs. into Captain Marty’s net.  Several of the fish that were 40+ inches in length had extraordinary girth due to their “holiday season” gorging prior to the colder winter months. Continue reading »

Final Day Three in the Bayou

Final Day Three in the BayouThe final day of the 2015 Fall Field Campaign ended well with 6 impressive fish from the Bayou Marshes of LA.  We started out the day with 40 degree temps and 20 MPH winds which made the wind chill be in the high 20’s. We were each wearing 7 layers of clothing and we couldn’t help but notice that we were the only game fisherman in the entire Marsh.  Bunch of whimps! Continue reading »

A Few From Day 3 – Louisiana Marshes

A few shots from today.  Clear skies, virtually no wind, perfect sight fishing conditions all day and no other fisherman within miles.

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Redzilla took 55 minutes to land.  Instead of a spot on the tail, he had a big letter S.  Every once in a while, you catch a fish that is extraordinary.  Even though the Redfish was only 31.5 Lbs, it had heart and endurance like no other.  After running me up a narrow channel about 200 yards, Continue reading »

Operation Code Red – Update One

For your entertainment.

Captain Billy has been busy over the last few days focusing on catching several Class 5 Redfish for our research study.  Keep in mind that Class 5 and 6 fish are the most difficult to catch and are considered a rare trophy for an angler.  The attached summary represents our progress to date.  Each week over the next four months, we will get closer to having very accurate data for creating a reliable on line calculator to determine overall Redfish weight based upon length and girth measurements.

Operation Code Red February 12 update

More to follow every few weeks,


40-lbs of Redfish – “The Hard Way!”

Another special day on “The Lagoon” with Capt. Billy and Katie.

40-lbs - Hard Way (5)

Landed 40+ Lbs. of redfish, the hard way – in one fish!  This monster was a new PR at 47.75” x 26” and it was so large that I couldn’t hold it safely for the picture Continue reading »