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Combat Fishing

For most of the people that I work with, there is no frame of reference of what “combat fishing” is all about.  This video provides an insight into what the essence of the “Fall Field Campaign” is all about.



PS:  Turn up the volume.

View the HD version here!

Tom Olivo lands on Tail Hunter Charters Homepage

Tom Olivo - Captain Billy Rotne

During the past 18-months, Capt. Billy Rotne of Tail Hunter Charters, has been a crucial element to the success of our Redfish Gallery.  Whenever Tom has been in Florida, he’s used Capt. Billy to locate and catch the amazing Redfish featured on our site.  It was a pleasant surprise to be the featured photograph on the main page of Tail Hunter Charters’ website, and we would recommend that if you’re in the area, and looking for a great charter company, check out Tail Hunter Charters.  Below you can find some of our favorite Redfish shots.

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Baddest Fish on the Planet!

Just want you to get a good look at a replica by Luke Filmer – Blackwater Fish Replicas of the baddest fish on the planet (African Tigerfish from the Congo).

African Tigerfish - Luke Filmer

Looks like the species to target in 2015.  Think you know of a fish that can compete with the African Tigerfish? Let us know in the comments!

-FFP Staff

PS.  Makes the Longnose Gar look like a Kitty cat.

Dry Fly Steelhead Fishing?

Get a sense of Dry fly Steelhead fishing while watching this video.

Paid in Full Dry Fly Steelhead – Official Trailer – Fly Fishing Fantasies

Tom Olivo and Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC featured in Montana Fly Fishing Magazine

Need some information on Fly Fishing?  Looking for a guide or just a great fly fishing resource?  Then Montana Fly Fishing Magazine is going to be a great site for you to visit:

Welcome to the premiere issue of Montana Fly Fishing Magazine, the first online magazine devoted exclusively to the diverse and expansive fly fishing opportunities the Big Sky state has to offer. Every couple of months, we hope to bring you a collection of strong and original articles and photography focused on the magnificent fish species, rivers, and landscapes that define Montana as “the Mecca of fly fishing.”-Montana Fly Fishing Magazine

Check out their most recent publication featuring images from Tom Olivo and Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC.  As part of this special feature, Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC is giving away a FREE Screen Saver Package.  Check out the article for more information!