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Conclusion to the 2017 Fall Field Campaign

Conclusion To The 2017 Fall Field Campaign

It was a very special trip for Ron Burnside, Trevor Covich and me joining Captain Marty Authement to hunt in the remote Louisiana Marshes as we closed out the Fall campaign for exceptional migratory fish. We had unseasonably warm weather (temps in the high 70’s) with light winds and no rain for all 4 days, which enabled us to sight fish for huge Redfish, Black Drum, Sea Trout and Sheep Head.

Conclusion To The 2017 Fall Field Campaign

Ron summed it up best when he commented on his first trip to fish in the bayou… Continue reading »

Wild Week on the Upper Madison

For your entertainment.
20160416 Wild Week on the Upper Madison (1)

It was a wild week on the channel section of the upper Madison river this week as we closed out the first official year of the Spring Field Campaign.  Alternating between two days of mid 70 degree weather and brilliant sunshine with two days of 30 degree weather and intermittent whiteouts, the fishing was as expected – Hot and Cold.

Dan Larson, Ron Burnside, Patrick Dowd, Barney Hallin, Charlie Conn and I explored new water that could be the coolest Continue reading »

A Few More Shots From Yellowstone National Park Last Week

Finally getting around to working of a few pictures from last week’s Fall Field Campaign in Yellowstone.

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Katie as the true the Packer fan.  Burnside on the run from Tonka.  The sh*t show parade (video buffalo while driving).  Mr. Two heat. And, a few close ups.

More to follow as we return to find the really big browns this week.


A Few From Yesterday

It was a great 58th birthday today with Captain Billy and Ron Burnside. Ron and I each landed a 34 LB Redfish (Ron’s within the first 15 minutes of the day and mine on the last cast of the day). My fish was likely a migratory fish that has been out to the ocean and Ron’s a resident fish that has never left the lagoon. Interesting how the only difference between the two fish was a 1/4 inch in length.

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Also, we sight cast to feeding Black drum and some very cautious mid-sized Redfish throughout the day.

More to follow as the Spring Field Campaign moves to Puerto Rico for Tarpon.


FFP Update – Clark Fork, Anaconda, MT

It was a grand weekend of fishing for Ron Burnside, Dan Larson and I on the headwaters of the Clark Fork in Anaconda, Montana.

We landed well over 200 fish with several healthy browns and Rainbows that exceeded 22 inches.  Hope you enjoy the pictures below and look for more to grace our galleries in the near future.

-FFP Staff

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Fishing Update May 20, 2012: Anaconda, MT

Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC - 2012 Rainbow TroutNormally, one would not think that the nation’s largest Superfund site would harbor any fish at all. Let alone monster trout. Yet, that is the case in Anaconda Montana located approximately 15 miles west of Butte.  The Anaconda Settling Ponds and Silver Bow Creek are part of the Warm Springs Wildlife Management Area, which is managed by the State of Montana. We have come to refer to “Warm Springs” as the gallery hatchery because of its abundant Brown and Rainbow trout that can exceed 10 Lbs.  From April 20th and 21st, Ron Burnside, Jim Squyres and I caught and released 175 fish and at least 30 of them were over 20 inches.  In the picture below, Jim is proudly displaying a 24+ inch rainbow that was unblemished.  While this is a terrific fishery (especially for novices), be prepared to fish with nymphs in the size 18 to 22 range and also expect best fish to hide in unexpected places (hunkered down in very fast water).  We hope you enjoy the portraits.  T.O.

Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC - Jim Squyres with Rainbow Trout

Fishing Update May 12, 2012: One of Bozeman’s Secret Spots

Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC

Throughout the Gallatin Valley near Bozeman, Montana there are hundreds of spring creeks and ponds that contain some spectacular trout.  In one such pond that covers less than one third of an acre, there are numerous fish that exceed 10 Lbs.  I’ve had the privilege of fishing there on three occasions in the past month where “the census” has yielded dozens of fish between 16 and 20 inches and at least eight rainbows between 5 and 10 Lbs.  Pictured here is one of my favorite fishing partners, Ron Burnside from Colorado Springs, CO.  The smile he radiates is contagious, the fish are epic and the condition/fitness of the fish are possibly the healthiest we’ve ever experienced.  I know that there is a 12 pounder there Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC(because I’ve had him on the line) but there’s a reason that these fish are that large – food is abundant and they’re very educated!  Expect spring creek conditions in these remote/private fisheries and don’t expect to catch much on flies larger than size 16.  We hope you enjoy the portraits in the gallery.  T.O.