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Conclusion of the Fall Field Campaign in New York

It was cloudy, drizzly and cold again today (a great day if you’re a duck) but it created the ideal conditions for some great fishing to close out the Fall Field Campaign in Hamlin NY.

There was a diversity of fish species and PR’s all the way around for Erick Miller, Bill Watson and me as we kept Jay Peck and Carl Coleman busy all day putting extraordinary fish into the net.  The most memorable fish of the day included a 23 pound Hen, an 18-pound buck, and a crimson colored steelhead.

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More pictures to follow as I process all the shots.





Final Day Fishing in Louisiana

20150327 - Final Day in LA (8)

20150327 - Final Day in LA (7)The sun came out brilliantly on our last day hunting Big Drum in the remote marshes of LA.  With the sun also came the opportunity to sight cast for the largest of the resident monsters.  Katie’s first big Black Drum on a fly was actually hooked in the early AM when we were socked in with thick cloud cover.  With the water being significantly off color, we were able to sight fish – not because we could see the fish cruising the bottom… we were able to spot them because the fishes upper back was actually out of the water!

Whereas big Redfish may run like a “Muscle car,” the Black are more like fighting a Tractor.  Katie’s fish was around 33 Lbs. and on an 8 Wt. rod, it provided an arm blaster workout.20150327 - Final Day in LA (3)

We also landed several big Reds in the 20 and 30+ Lb category as the day progressed on.  I must admit that the remote fly fishing for these magnificent fish (with no other fisherman within miles) is truly a special treat. Continue reading »

October 14th Fall Field Campaign

FFP update,

The Fall field campaign closed out the mid-October session in NY with some spectacular Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, Steelhead, and Brown trout.  Katie managed to land the fish of the campaign thus far with a 31” x 20” 14+ Lb. Brown trout that was probably the most impressive trout I’ve ever seen.

Katie with 14 Lb Brown trout

The male fish displayed amazing Fall spawning colors, a massive head/jaw and it didn’t have a mark on it.Katie's Brown trout

Katie and massive 30+ Lb chinookIn addition to that fish, Katie hooked and landed several Chinook Salmon that were between 25 and 30 pounds.  They truly tested her fitness as they ran up and down the river with incredible power and endurance.  One fish took her well into her backing and at least a quarter of a mile downstream before she and Jay Peck were able to land it. Continue reading »

New York Steelhead – Day 2

Another great day in upstate NY.  Multiple Chinook and an impressive steelhead.

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Hope to have more tomorrow!


Fall Field Campaign Update

What’s it like to catch the fish of the day, fish of the trip and new PR?

I wouldn’t know – you would have to ask Katie.  Once again, she out-fished everyone on the river with a spectacular 14 Lb. Brown trout.

Great day in NY catching multiple steelhead, Chinook Salmon and trout with brilliant sunshine and 70 degree weather.

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More to follow as the quest continues.


PS:  Jay Peck said that Katie’s brown trout was the largest or second largest he has seen on that river. 

Update from New York: A Steelhead Baker’s Dozen

FFP update,

Attached are the low res pictures that represent the top 12 portrait shots for last week’s NY steelhead trip (also includes one picture of T.O. – grip and grin).

Different fish with the FFP signature look.

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The fishing with Jay Peck was exceptional in spite of the weather and water condition challenges (landed 28 of 37 hooked).

In all, I took approximately 1700 pictures over 4 days and 162 made the final cut (outstanding quality shots).  Of the 162, about 20-30 will be added to the FFP inventory.

More to follow.


Day 2 from Pulaski, NY

The day started out with Jay and I fishing in 35 degree weather that included light snow.  The water temperature was 36 degrees and all the fish had lock jaw.

We managed to land 6 out of 8 fish hooked with the largest tipping the scale at 15 pounds.

Today should be better with temperatures expected to hit 65!

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More to follow.

Update from NY

Great day with Jay Peck fishing for steelhead and brown trout on Little Sandy Creek.

Tom landed 6 with the Best Fish of the Day, a 13+ LB Steelhead and a 10+ LB Brown trout.

FFP Staff

New images in the redfish gallery and a brand new steelhead gallery!

It’s been a busy week as we’ve added a brand new Steelhead Gallery from Tom’s visit to the Olympic Peninsula.  View the full gallery.

We’ve also added some new redfish photos from Tom’s “top 10 day” at Mosquito Lagoon, Florida.  View some of the photos below or visit the gallery.

Olympic Peninsula (Fishing Update)

Just returned to Bozeman from 4 days of extreme winter Steelhead fishing with Trevor Covich on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.  We were based in Forks and fished the Sol Duc, the Hoh, the Hoko and the Bogachiel rivers.  The scenery was amazing and the wild steelhead were so “Chrome Bright” you needed to wear shades.  Attached are a few pictures from the experience.

More to follow…