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The Florida Marathon Campaign

For your entertainment…

2016 Florida Marathon Campaign - Fly Fishing Portraits

I’ve attached the Florida Keys Fishing Write-Up as a PDF Document that includes 36 photos from the expedition last week.  I decided to capture the story in this format to entertain those who are interested in the both the overall fishing experience as well as with the photos.  Hopefully, the stories “bring the photos to life” and vice versa.

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A Few From Yesterday

It was a great 58th birthday today with Captain Billy and Ron Burnside. Ron and I each landed a 34 LB Redfish (Ron’s within the first 15 minutes of the day and mine on the last cast of the day). My fish was likely a migratory fish that has been out to the ocean and Ron’s a resident fish that has never left the lagoon. Interesting how the only difference between the two fish was a 1/4 inch in length.

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Also, we sight cast to feeding Black drum and some very cautious mid-sized Redfish throughout the day.

More to follow as the Spring Field Campaign moves to Puerto Rico for Tarpon.


A Few Of The Best Fish Photos – 2015 Spring Campaign

Report from the Chokoloskee, FL (aka The Everglades).

We had a very productive day with Captain John Stark catching many quality back-country Snook deep in the Everglades.  We missed on several really big Tarpon (150 Lbs.+) but we know where they live and will have another go tomorrow.  We are determined to get even and get Katie her first Tarpon on the incoming tide.

Attached are several outstanding pictures from multiple fishing sites over the past week.

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More to follow.


FFP Update – Hunting for Tarpon II

Challenging fishing on the Flats near Key West FL hunting for Tarpon this week with Dan Larson from Bozeman.  Captain Bruce Chard provided an exceptional guiding experience but the fish had their own agenda and managed to be extremely elusive.

Over four days of fishing only three Tarpon were hooked with two being landed.  The good news is that if these fish were easy to catch, they would probably be extinct.

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Overmatched in Key West!

Friends of FFP,

A truly unique experience in Key West last night with Captain Ryan Erickson.  We started out hunting Permit on the flats at slack tide around 6:00 Pm.  I had two shots on goal with fish Tailing but was unable to hook either fish. Just after sundown, we then shifted our efforts to hopefully find a few large Tarpon feeding in the Channels.

Sunset on the Gulf | Fly Fishing Portraits, LLC

Within an hour, there were literally hundreds of double and triple digit Tarpon busting bait on the surface in a feeding frenzy all around us.  The first fish I landed was about 75 pounds that proved to be quite a challenge on my measly 10 weight rod.  But that was nothing compared to how overmatched Continue reading »

Catching the “Law Firm”

Tarpon, Snook, Gar, Bowfin and Bass

Another great day fishing in FL with Captain Billy Rotne and Charlie Dawson.

We navigated deep into the backcountry of Spruce Creek to hunt for some very diverse species.

Caught the Law Firm –  Tarpon, Snook, Gar, Bowfin and Bass.

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Highlight of the day was a 5 Ft, 20 pound Gar that leaped and cartwheeled six feet out of the water when hooked.

Also landed the Accounting Firm – Catfish, Bluefish and Jack.  AND – missed landing a very large Bonner head Shark.

More to follow as we hunt for the 50 pound redfish tomorrow.