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Unique Weather Pattern in Bozeman

Unique Weather Pattern in Bozeman

On rare days during the winter months in Bozeman, we get a unique weather pattern that creates dense fog in the Gallatin Valley. It usually sets up to be just below the elevation of our home and this morning “Drone Boy” went out for a spin up to 400 Ft. to capture the art on display. The 3” of fresh powder from last night makes for a great winter wonderland scene.

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More to follow as I work on the video footage.

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PS: I’ve also attached two shots from last week that feature panoramic shots from our deck of a very special sunrise and sunset. We also have a unique pattern in December that creates the intense early morning and late afternoon colors due to the low sun angle in the south, the mountains and low elevation-textured clouds. These photos were taken with my i-phone.