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Conclusion of the 2017 Fall Field Campaign in Yellowstone

The Fall Field Campaign finished up in Yellowstone with an abrupt overnight change from Fall to Winter.  The Snow came in heavy but it didn’t affect the fishing, just the fisherman as we started out the day fishing in 16 degree temps, swirling wind and snow.  My body managed to stay warm (with 5 layers of high tech clothing) but my hands took a beating as the guides in the fly rods were constantly handicapped with ice.  Just try tying on a size 18 CDC Emerger with frozen digits.

The fish were nothing short of amazing this season with everyone consistently landing big Browns between 21 and 23 inches.  The close up “fish portraits” I was able to capture over the past three weeks are definitely some of my best ever (see attached from the last two days).

As I was leaving Wednesday evening, I encountered a massive buffalo heard migrating down the road which shut down traffic for about 15 minutes.  Many of the largest beasts passed within 3 feet of the Roadtrek and fortunately, none were pissed off enough to headbutt the vehicle with their horns.

The Fall Field Campaign continues next week with fishing on Little Sandy Creek in Hamlin NY.  Early reports are that the migratory Brown Tout have arrived and they are massive.  This could be my best chance to land the 20-pound male.  Jay Peck and I will be hunting and I will forward reports with pics of course.

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Enjoy and Plan your trips,


FFP update from Montana… (20170529)

It was a spectacular day in Yellowstone yesterday for Larry, Dan and I as we explored both the Firehole and Upper Madison Rivers in the Park.

Whereas the fishing was “short” so to speak (lots of small fish), some of the scenic and wildlife shots were spectacular.  Especially of Momma Moose with two new additions and Mr. Keep Back or I will Trample you – Tonka. The park was also extraordinarily crowded for late May (see tourist shot with women doing a “selfie” at the Mud pits). Continue reading »

Conclusion to the Fall Field Campaign in Yellowstone

20161104-conclusion-to-ffc-in-yellowstone-5Some photos from my last few days in Yellowstone National park with Rod Mergardt as it was a great Fall Field Campaign conclusion for MT. A cold start yesterday (at 17 degrees at 8:00 AM) but bluebird day with intense cobalt blue skies and warm temps by 3:00 PM (around 47 degrees). The fish were a little late in migrating up the Madison river out of Hebgen Lake this year (by about 2 weeks due to the changing climate impact) but they showed up in full spawning colors.


Our “secret spot” is Continue reading »

Update from Yellowstone (Part II)


2,041…  That’s the number of photos that I managed to take last weekend while fishing in Yellowstone National Park with Katie.  Man, selecting the final-cut pictures for this year’s Success Profiles calendar is going to be really tough.

The most exciting part of our weekend involved an encounter that Continue reading »

Campaign Update from Yellowstone

No, not that campaign…  The Fall Field Campaign!

_dsc6523-1280x695It’s officially been 350 days since Katie and I were last fishing for migratory Rainbow and Brown Trout in our “secret spot” in Yellowstone.  It’s really hard to have that kind of air bubble in the calendar but man, was yesterday worth the wait.  The weather was setting up to be bad, really bad (high winds, snow and rain) but mother nature gave us a 12 hour window that was nearly perfect – well, perfect for fishing that is.  We started out with overcast skies, a low ceiling of fog, spitting rain, 35 degrees, and absolutely no wind.  That might not sound like a sunny day on the beach but it is actually ideal for catching really big trout.  By the time we left, the temperature had gradually risen to 47 and the dark weather conditions held steady from 9:30 AM till 5:30 PM.

We put over 20 fish into the net but probably hooked 60.  We fooled them with every fly pattern in our box (Streamers, CDC Betas Emergers, Egg patterns, soft hackle wet flies etc.).  The water level is higher than we’ve seen in many years but that’s because of the increased rainfall as of late.  This is really good news for the migratory fish and they are very big, healthy and strong.  The first 4 fish that I hooked were 20” and I managed to land three (a hook to land percentage that would gradually plummet during the course of the day).  In the back of my mind, I could hear Dan Larson’s voice screaming for most of the day as I lost several great fish… “AAAAUUGGGGGAAUU!” Continue reading »

2015 Fall Field Campaign – Update

It was a spectacular final two weeks in Yellowstone this year as we closed out the Fall Field Campaign in MT.  Dan Larson and I have now fished the upper Madison River in the Park for 16 straight seasons.

Once again I said to Dan… “I believe that this year could well have been the best season ever.”  His response was typical… “hard to tell, but “It’s hard to imagine it being much better.”

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Given that we now have to go through “PYD” for another 350 days, it’s hard to imagine trout fishing for wild fish to be much better than this.  PYD = Post Yellowstone depression. Continue reading »

A Few More Shots From Yellowstone National Park Last Week

Finally getting around to working of a few pictures from last week’s Fall Field Campaign in Yellowstone.

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Katie as the true the Packer fan.  Burnside on the run from Tonka.  The sh*t show parade (video buffalo while driving).  Mr. Two heat. And, a few close ups.

More to follow as we return to find the really big browns this week.


Special Days in Yellowstone National Park

I’m not sure it can get much better than this…

Katie Olivo - Sunrise in the Rain

Katie Olivo – Sunrise in the Rain

Tony Thompson - With Monster Brown Trout

Tony Thompson – With Monster Brown Trout

We have now hit year 16 for our consecutive annual fishing trips into Yellowstone NP hunting the migratory spawning trout in the Madison River.

What was unanticipated was not the spectacular fish (they are always there) but this year, the “Abby-Normal” weather.  We just had three record high temperature days with the mercury climbing into the 70’s with no wind and cobalt blue skies.  Continue reading »

Fall Field Campaign Wrap Up in Montana


It was a grand final few days in Yellowstone NP to close out the Fall Field Campaign in MT.

Katie, Bob Richards, Dan Larson and I had a grand day on November 1st  in typical winter conditions.

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The Campaign now moves to Upstate NY for the final chapter for 2013 in search of the monster Brown Trout migrating out of Lake Ontario.

More to follow.


October 28th Fall Field Campaign Update – Part 3


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YES, they are different fish!