Update from Costa Rica #13

This past week, Katie and I hosted The Karasin family (Blair, Vicki and Jack) for another Osa Eden Rainforest adventure.

For the record, the history for Blair and I now goes back 57 years – to when we were first introduced (at age 5) at summer camp in Mt. Kisco NY.  We’ve been fishing together since those early days and we actually began fly fishing together for trout at age 12, in the small rocky creeks around southern New York.

Blair has now made three trips to Osa Eden over the past 12 months and he has quickly chalked up five personal fishing records for: Blue Marlin (250 pounds), Mahi (60 pounds), Yellowfin Tuna (60 pounds), Rooster fish (40 pounds) and Jack Crevalle (32 pounds).  Whereas those are impressive (especially for someone who has fished in Saltwater all his life), it was nothing compared to the experience he had with a simultaneous hook up with his son Jack fighting two monster Jacks on light spinning gear, where both fish tipped the boga-grip scale at over 30 pounds.

We were actually fishing for bait on our boat (with no other boats in sight), immediately adjacent to Crocodile bay when all of a sudden, we were surrounded by a massive explosion of sardines on the surface by huge Jacks and Roosterfish.  With birds diving and the water boiling all around the boat it took only two casts to immediately hook up with a pair of trophy sized Jack Crevalle.  Jack landed his after about 20 minutes but it took Blair over 40 to bring his to the boat as the reel drag had a technical malfunction.  The initial run of Blair’s fish instantly stripped off about 200 yards of line and he was within about 10 wraps of the final backing before he was able to finally gain control of the fish. For the entire fight, we were unsure of the species until he was able to FINALLY bring it alongside the boat for Russo to tail the beast.  The picture of Blair and Jack holding these fish is special and I’m confident that the experience and debate about who’s fish was actually bigger – will be revisited many times over the years.

Other highlights for the week included great bird sightings, Pacific Dolphin, multiple species of frogs, Iguanas, Howler Monkeys, a local Motocross race and some Droneboy flight photos.

Enjoy and one more week to go (in Mid-May) to complete the Spring Field Campaign in Costa Rica.


Pre sunrise shot by Droneboy at 1,500 Ft above Osa Eden looking out over the Gulf of Dulce.

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