Update from Costa Rica #15

It turns out the August is truly a great month to visit the Osa Peninsula in Southern Costa Rica.  The days tend to be cooler (ranging from 74 in the AM and the mid 80’s in the afternoon), a little wetter with intermittent showers and gentile breezes coming down off the mountains.

The vegetation everywhere is a deep green, the birds are active all day (vs just the mornings during the hotter summer months from January to March) and the inshore game fish are abundant.

We were here the first week with Tony Thompson and Kyong Miller and we had a great day inshore fishing with Captain Miguel Duarte.  Our first day on the water we finished with 6 Rooster fish, 8 Jack Crevalle, 1 Yellowfin Tuna, one Rainbow Runner and a Mahi.  We followed up with a spectacular sunset dinner at Playa Blanca Beach (see photo).

This week, Katie and I were out again with Miguel and although the seas were extremely rough (6 Ft. swells and thunderstorms), we managed to land 5 Rooster fish (two in the 40 pound class), three Blue Trevally, and three Rainbow Runners.  My largest Rainbow Runner was over 4 Ft. long and in the 20 pound class – an amazing fish.

Saturday night we entertained Bryan Johnson and his family (11 people)i for a massive fish barbeque to consume some of Friday’s Catch.  Bryan and his two sons (Bryce and BJ) run exclusive photography workshops for some of the world’s best nature photographers at Crocodile Bay Lodge. Based upon the photos that they shared at dinner (go to brycejohnson520 on Instagram), I have a lot of field work to do to close the gap on that level of talent.  I’m willing to take one for the team in 2020 to take another 100,000 photos to practice.  See a few of the photos they shared below…

Enjoy the photos and the next post from Costa Rica won’t be until we return on our next trip during the first week of December.

Plan your trips…


PS:  Yes, that photo is in fact the Co-Pilot on our flight out of Puerto Jimenez today who evidently needs Tips to make ends meet.

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